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Half way through January already, it only feels like yesterday it was NYE! It's going crazily fast already. Ay ladies it's nearly valentines, and the perfect post if you want to brighten your nails for the special occasion. Everyone loves a new set of nails, especially when they are GELS! Recently I have been loving the gel nails, that's all I seem to get these days. Sensationail were very kind to me to send me a brand new Starter Kit & two colours. When it arrived, I was extremely excited, the first thing I did when I opened the parcel was my nails, it was like Christmas all over again.

I have always wanted to try Sensationail every time I was shopping in Boots and I'd walk past it thinking it looks amazing, the packaging looks professional and I want it! The starter kit with French Manicure included the LED lamp, buffer, nail file, lint-free wipes, french manicure strips, gel base top and base coat, two colour polishes (white & baby pink),gel primer and the gel cleanser. They also sent me two other colours "Gold me tight" & "Taupe Tulips".

One of the good things about the starter kit, it come with instructions to how to apply and how to remove previous gel! So if your new to the applying gel at home then you don't need to worry because "Sensationail" tell you how to do it in a easy step by step method. Even though I have been applying gel nail varnishes on myself and other people for ages, I still learned new tips from this.

I did have red nail varnish on before this so if you see little specks of red in the picture below of my finished nails then I do apologise! Removing red nail varnish is an absolute pain especially when you have a drop of the remover left and your too eager to use these new products ha! When I eventually got most the red nail varnish off;

I filed my nails to the length and shape I wanted which you would probably do with even normal nail varnish, and using the little buffer that come with the kit, I buffed the top of my nails to remove any oils, excess nail varnish remover, and attempt to remove any red nail varnish that was still around the edges of my nail.

Using the "lint-free wipes" I poured a little amount of gel cleanser on top and wiped all my nails. This again just removes any excess oils, anything stuck to the nail and then with the "Gel primer" I applied one layer on each nail and this simply preps the nails for the gel!

Now it's time to get down to business! When I prepped my Sensationail station on my dressing table, I applied the base coat gel on each finger then cured them under the lamp for 30 seconds then moved onto the thumb and did the same thing! I do them separately because your thumb needs to be straight under the lamp rather than tilted to the side if you was to put all of them under the light. It needs to cure all over the nail or it wouldn't set. The lamp beeps at 30 seconds so you know when you take them out.

Once I finished curing, I then applied the colour. It was a hard decision to make and wasn't sure what colour to go for. With it being winter and it's been snowing down here in Manchester, I thought WHITE & it is my absolute favourite colour too without a doubt. I did the same application method, all fingers then the thumb HOWEVER I did thin layers so it can completely cure throughout for 60 seconds. The pigment of the colour is super amazing and only had to do two coats! There were no bubbles, marks, streaks, nothing. I am really happy with how could the lamp is and how well it cured my nails. The colour intensity is just has good also.

I think doing this at home is possibly quicker than waiting in a salon to get them done. You know how you want your nails, you know your going to be totally happy with your own finished look and your saving lots of pennies! Sensationail you have made me extremely happy, your products are amazing! Well back to the method; I then applied the same "Top & Base Coat Gel" on top and went across the tip of my nail to "cap" it, in other words seal the ends and cured each nail again for just 30 seconds.

Not the best at hand modelling especially when holding nail varnish bottles haha but ay I did it. With the same "lint-free wipe" that I used before I just poured some more of the "Gel Cleanser" out and wiped my nails to take off that "sticky" residue and any moisture that may be on the nail. Super happy with the outcome, the finish and how easy using Sensationail is. No dry time! Always shiny and not bulky at all. Lasts up to 2 weeks. Amazing, I really would recommend this to everyone, quick and easy to use. What do you think?

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