Maybelline theColossal GO Extreme Volum' Mascara | Leather Black with Results ♥

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I'm pretty sure I am addicted to mascaras! & Thanks to L'Oreal|Maybelline for sending me there newest mascara "theColossal GO Extreme" but in "Leather Black". I seen this on TV advertise and it looked amazing, everything from the description, results and the packaging. When they sent me this mascara, I was extremely thankful because I have wanted to try it for so long but pretty much everywhere was out of stock. Let me tell you why this one is different to the normal "theColossal" mascaras. Here is my review about the original "the Colossal GO Extreme Mascaras" if you fancy a read of them too! Enjoy my lash lovers!

Has I was saying, every lady loves a good mascara! Who doesn't? With every mascara I want black long lashes that stay amazing ALL day and just look voluminous! Not asking for much really haha? Mascara is just like concealer, it's one thing I will not leave the house without (depending where I am going that is haha)! "The Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara" what is so different then? Well it boosts 20 times more collagen compared to the original mascaras and it has a slightly bigger brush. If that hasn't sucked you in already then, I'm speechless haha.

I am not one for big brushes however with this one I enjoyed applying just like the originals. Maybelline mascaras are always amazing quality and seem to be getting better as each new mascara comes out. The way it is designed "Bulky in the middle" it is really good for your top lashes because it grabs pretty much every single one of my lashes. If you have long lower lashes kind of like me, then it will be easier to apply, but if you have short lower lashes then it might be a bit of a mission but don't let that throw you off because it still makes them shorties super long!

I actually did a little snap of my lashes with it on. I forgot to do a before so might have to slot one in before I applied it, it was just too late but you can probably tell because of the length and the leather black finish on the lashes. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the length and finish it gives my lashes, I do think they look fab! Any mascara that is jet black, I love instantly because it makes them look that little bit long and I think your eye colour can stand out. Clumping I hear you ask? Not had a single problem with clumping! It is just perfect for me!

Yes please don't look at them BROWS they are horrendous! BUT I have a reason, I need to grow them out to make them slightly thicker before I wax or thread them so they look abit more "arched". I just had to get it out there before you think "OH GOSH, HER EYEBROWS!".. I'm sorry for them eyebrow lovers out there if you are offended by these haha!

Hope you enjoyed reading about this perfection and if you have tried it, please let me know what you thought about it?

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2 comments on "Maybelline theColossal GO Extreme Volum' Mascara | Leather Black with Results ♥"
  1. Lovely post, very informative review :)

  2. I haven't actually tried a maybelline mascara, and everyone hypes about them. I need to try one! x

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