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Superdrug "Detangling Brush" ♥

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Knots after knots, wouldn't even have to move an inch & I'd have knots in my hair instantly! Not quite sure why but through my time it's become easier with the right hair products through to shampoo's to heat sprays. Everyone has heard of "Tangle Teezers" & "Tangle Ease" and so on.. I believe that they are good products and probably worth the pennies. However I love to save pennies when there is products out there that does the exact same thing then I'll grab that one, thank you haha!

Superdrug launched their very own "Detangle Brush", (£4.99). Short and long plastic teeth that you can use on any type of hair, any weave, any extensions & wet or dry hair. It is super versatile and easy to use. This brush does the exact same thing as the other high street detangle brushes or even better.. With my knotty hair, I have no pain, no pull and no head sore, literally glides gently through my hair, getting rid of them annoying knots & leaving my hair super soft and free.

You might think it is a little awkward to hold and brush through your hair but infact it is super easy and comfortable. Never brushed my hair so quick with such a small product! Well done Superdrug, you have definitely won the battle between tangles. If your looking for a dupe and thinking what de-tangler brush should you get, then grab your hands on this and you will be super pleased like me! This little lump of fun comes with me EVERYWHERE, my little sidekick in my handbag.

What's your favourite de-tangle brush?

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Nude Nails: Lottie "Hit Refresh" Nail Lacquer ♥

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Every girl loves a bit of pamper to the nails. The other day, ready for weekend I decided to have a manicure and acrylics. I know acrylics aren't the best for your nails but I absolutely love them & it makes my hands look more attractive with my nails being long and elegant! *laughing emoji here* haha. Tend to always have clear tips on nowadays, because they look much more natural and not to in your face & it gives me the chance to paint my nails if I wanted too. Since having clear tips, I have in-fact NEVER painted my nails until now. Decided to go with the gorgeous nude colour since it's coming to Autumn Falls and it is the colour to have on everything. "Lottie Hit Refresh" nude nail laquer. I tend to go for nude/pinks/beiges throughout the whole year anyway because I think it makes everything look fresh & classy.

I've seen "Lottie" nail varnishes in pretty much every superdrug, youtube & other blogs, so I thought maybe it is time to grab myself a little nude bottle and try it on these freshly done nails. Exactly what I did for just £5.99. May I say that this is probably one of the best quality polishes I have had in a long time. Even with or without acrylics, I'm a chipper! Always smudging, chipping my nails pretty much on the same day. Even if you were to chip your nude nails, because it isn't such a bold colour, you can get away with a few chips here and there before you decide to fix it.

It is simply a perfect barely there shade. Have you tried this one or any other of Lottie's nail lacquers?

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Charlotte Tilbury | Wonderglow Primer & My 300th Post with My Return ♥

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WOAH 300 blog posts, no way! I want to apologise for disappearing in August, I wasn't well for a few weeks & just couldn't pick myself up to do a blog even though I was in bed. I promised myself, the first of September I would wake up and get crackin' and I did! Here I am & again I apologise for just leaving you loyal readers in the black with nothing to read!

Recently I've slowly faded away from primers, not sure why! Maybe it is because I don't wear foundation all the time now or because I've simply not found one to suit my needs! Well Charlotte Tilbury turned it all around when my lovely friend Roxiey took me to the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges Manchester. I've heard amazing things about her makeup and truth be told 'I LOVED IT! I fell in love with everything that I seen. Highlighters, lipsticks, mascaras and especially the primer! Just couldn't resist, so I asked about the primer and when the gentlemen was telling me what it does, SOLD. I wanted it immediately.

It actually feels nice to own a Charlotte Tilbury product especially the "Wonderglow, Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer" (£38.50)! I wanted to see if it lived up to its expectations and it did. Far the best primer I have ever used. Even wearing it without foundation and just applying it after moisturising makes my skin looks glowing, fresh & sing "I woke up like this.. Flawless" haha. It is a luminous highlighting primer but works all over. It works several different ways, you can wear under, over or simple mix it with your foundation. Golden glow & I am a big fan of glowy face products. If you love brightening effect products like me, then you will definitely love this. With having an olive skin tone finding a yellow/beige/gold undertone primer is extremely lucky and exciting because most brightening primers are either white, champagne pink or pale orange, sometimes they don't work well with me so Charlotte Tilbury as made me a happy bunny.

Most primers are easier to blend than others, this one is definitely easy to blend even though it's a medium texture! It isn't completely fluid which is lovely because your not getting it everywhere & your not going to waste it as you have easy control. It's a primer that you can squeeze on your hand or finger tips without it dribbling down. I mainly use my finger tips to apply primers, as if it was a moisturiser but on special occasions when I am doing my full face as you say, then I'll apply with a brush to make sure I get the full glowing pearl effect.

I am extremely happy with product & that I've found a primer that suits my skintone perfectly. I've used it in all the way possible from under, over foundation or simply on it's own! If you love experimenting with primers then this is the perfect primer for you to try.

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Bombay Hair Gold Collection | Flat Iron Styler ♥

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You can never have enough of hair products, hair tools, hair styles! Bombay Hair is a gorgeous brand that sells products such as, hair extensions, hair styling tools & accessories. I'm more of a straight kind of girl, I love curling/waving my hair every now and again but usually my hair is straight everyday and even on a girly night out. Bombay Hair sent me their 100% Titanium Flat Iron Styler ($130.00). Never felt such a light-weight hair straightener & super smooth to use.

The unique gold plates claim to make it smoother and easier for you to use during styling, making it faster and effortless. Is this true? I can agree that the plates in the past I have used are nothing compared to these beauties! Literally I wait for a few seconds to heat up and BAM I'm gliding through my hair like never before. Usain Bolt couldn't be quicker than this hahah I joke! I really like the fact that it has a digital screen with the temperature which lights up green to tell you when it's reached your desired temperature. You can choose different temperatures that best suit your hair. Especially if you have fine hair to thick bombshell hair ha!

I've noticed over time it's left a nice shine to my hair & it isn't frizzy like it used to be in the past after straightening my hair! BIG bonus, because who wants frizzy hair?

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Holiday Trip to Jamaica ♥

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Happy Birthday to me from Jamaica. You might of realised I didn't post for a good two weeks & a bit and this is the reason. I absolutely loved spending my birthday in Jamaica, couldn't ask for anything better. Turning 23 on a gorgeous Caribbean island was amazing. Was the weather hot? YES, when I say HOT I mean hot every single day even throughout the night and when thunderstorms happened! I could of took more pictures but it was that beautiful and I was doing so many things, I never thought to pull out my camera at times. Here are a few snippets of the holiday in Jamaica!

Went and experienced Dunn's River in Ocho Rios, Cannes River Falls in Kingston, went and seen the Bob Marley's House Museum along with Bob Marleys beach! Even the hotel made Bob Marley drinks with & without rum haha! There was so much to do, travelled through Fern Gully nearly everyday! Little plaza's to shop around, visited August town & Spanish town. Never ate so much mango in my life but it tasted delicious! Even tried new fruits that you don't even have in the UK, like guinep, breadfruit & jackfruit! Even nibbled on some sugar cane & drank out of many coconuts!

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TP Tresor Paris | Allure Bracelet ♥

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Talk about beauty & class. I absolutely love all things gold & dainty. Tresor Paris is such a gorgeous jewellery store, without a doubt you ladies would love it. Receiving this little thanggg in the post just before my birthday was a miracle, not only because it was my 23rd coming up but I've been looking for something beautiful, elegant and simple just like this bracelet in a very long time. It's a 18ct yellow gold plated sterling silver, it is a delicate crystal bracelet. With an adjustable clasp, it is the perfect bracelet for any occasion or even to wear everyday like I do. "Allure Bracelet" (£89.99) I would wear everyday, it's gorgeous and it matches any outfit of mine because of the simplicity. It is a ladies bracelet, so you men reading this that need to buy your girlfriends presents or treat your mum to a little piece of jewellery.

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Dream Eyes Contact Lenses "All Black" | Spooky Eyes.Com ♥

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Who wouldn't want to look like an alien or have gorgeous big black eyes! SpookyEyes.Com kindly sent me "All Black" contact lenses! At first I was a bit "Oh dear" just because I never thought to wear black, I'm more of a natural kind of person haha, so give me blue, green and browns any day! I'm not saying black coloured eyes and natural but I see them more as a Halloween kind of look! Spooky Eyes are definitely the most comfortable contact lenses I have worn & this is my third pair now that I've enjoyed putting in and leaving them there.

I definitely felt like an alien when I looked in the mirror, however they did grow on me and did end up loving them in the end! These would be perfect for Hallooween or fancy dress. Maybe not for everyday, well not for me anyway! Don't get me wrong, all of what they have sent me, I have loved.

Wondering how to put contact lenses in?

1. You need to make sure your hands are clean, you don't want any dirt, grime or fluff on your fingers because it might irritate your eyes.
2. Place the lenses on the tip of your index fingers, so it sits like a dome on your finger. I find that the easiest way.
3. With you middle finger, from the hand holding the lense or your free hand, pull down your bottom lid to create space.
4. I find it easy to look up a little then place the lense on your eye, you might want to wiggle your eye so it fits nicely & blink to get it in place.
5. VOILA! Your done, go out there and show the world you eyes!

I would love to see if you lovely readers have changed your eye colour or used Spooky Eyes before? Love to see and read your blog posts about them!

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Forever Unique | Brianna High-Waisted Bikini ♥

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Not quite the weather I was hoping for in June for Manchester but ay when has England ever had the right weather in each season. Never mind I'm off on my holidays next week and just in time Forever Unique sent me this gorgeous "Brianna High-Waisted bikini" (£165.00), I'm absolutely in love with it from the black panelled material to the accessory trim.

This bikini is a size 12 & fits perfectly and snug on. The bikini top is my favourite part of the set because I've figured it will look extremely good with a high-waisted black skirt & wear it has a night outfit even though it is a bikini haha! Also because of the strappy design & the jewel centre, you could wear it underneath semi see-through tops.

It does say on the website for this particular bikini - "To get the best from your bandage beachwear we advise you do not wear it in water."

The bikini when I've been trying it on is extremely comfy, I would probably wear this at the end of my holiday so I could still show it off but not have high-waist tan lines at the same time *_*.

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Be Proud Eyelashes "Victorious" ♥

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Every girl loves lush lashes & to be proud of them!.. Well "Be Proud" Eyelashes kindly sent me gorgeous pack of lashes "Victorious" which I am in love with. Seriously impressed with the quality, the length, the volume, everything you want strip lashes to be! When the delivery arrived, I absolute loved the packaging it come in, well presented and unique.

Super pleased with these lashes! Be proud has put so much hard work and time into these lashes and really proud of the lady that is behind the scenes. Let's talk about the lashes, very unique lashes and different from each other, which I like because depending on the occasion I can switch it up! The glue on the other hand is the most amazing glue I've come across, it's been a while to find a eyelash glue that I really like & this one pops up. Super easy to apply, it doesn't budge throughout the day for me and stays put! There has been naughty times where I've fell asleep with them on and the next morning they look like I've just applied them like normal. You wouldn't say NO to a glue like this, I'm telling you! Even the lashes themselves didn't crush, bend or move, well that is a miracle.

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Boohoo | Hallie Chevron & Chain Ring Pack ♥

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We all need some accessories in our life, I love adding a little gold touch to my outfits. Gold is all I usually wear, I'm not a silver type of girl. To buy with my birthday outfit, I purchased these beautiful "Hallie Chevron & Chain Ring" set (£5.00) from Boohoo. I love simplicity and bold statement jewellery & this is why I love this little set because it stands out by just being simple.

Boohoo jewellery is gorgeous and come in variety of colours, so if your not a gold lover like me there is silver & other shades. This set come with three rings which you can probably wear any way you want. They come in one size so I was a bit skeptical whether it would fit my fingers haha with it being one size but luckily it did wooo!

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Estee Lauder | Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent ♥

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BRONZE GODDESS! It is my absolute favourite fragrance, definitely my top three! Once a year it comes out just in time for summer & for the past three years without a doubt it's with me. Smells just like your on the beach with a coconut in one hand whilst the sun is beaming down on you. I've mentioned that I love Coconut & Vanilla, this is why this fragrance is a dream because of them two scents. You actually feel like a Bronze Goddess when you spritz some of this at the start of your day. It's summery, sexy, feminine and most definitely tropical.

Perfect for summer because it's light and refreshing. I'm not a big lover of heavy, overpowering fragrances in summer, sometimes they don't smell so good in heat. It lasts for such a long time throughout the day or on a night out with your girls. It is only a fragrance you could wear up to October because it is truly a summer scent. With it being limited edition, available around April/May each year, it makes me want it even more.

What is your favourite fragrance to wear during summer times?

Bronze Goddess includes notes of; Sensuous Notes: Amber, Coconut Milk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver, Myrrh also Warm Notes: Juicy Mandarin, Sicilian Bergamont, Lemon, Pulpy Orange & Radiant Notes: Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Magnolia Petals, Orange Flower Buds, Lavender

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Topshop | RUPA Ghillie Sandal Heels ♥

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A girl and their heels is true love! Especially when you find gorgeous ones like this in Topshop! "RUPA Ghillie Sandal Heels" (£50.00), I fell in love with them straight away, I even had to call my mum over in the shop to tell her about them. Love at first site & with my birthday outfit, it will complete it. Only 4' inch heels with gorgeous leather straps and lace. Front tie fastening that looks extremely elegant. It has lovely detailing and would look beautiful with any colour dress, especially white or black.

These are the shoes that have been in shops for quite a while & I'm pretty sure a lot of people love this style of shoe. It's unique, classy and just damn right' gorgeous. I purchased these in store which were £49 so not quite sure why online they are £50! So if you want to save a pound, go to your nearest Topshop haha. I will definitely be showing you my birthday dress when it arrives so keep your eyes peeled.

What your thoughts on these style of heel?

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Chanel | 'Beige Star 2O6' Levres Scintillantes Glossimer Lipgloss ♥

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Beige is a gorgeous shade to bring out your healthy glow and create beautiful makeup looks. Nude beige is lovely for ALL seasons especially winter. With my birthday slowly creeping up on me & turning 23, my lovely mum treated me to a lip gloss for my birthday night out! Chanel have a new collection called "Les Beiges". In the collection it has products such as lip glosses, nail varnishes, bronzers & sheer colour sticks in all different beige-nude shades! I definitely want the other products on my wish list. Such a gorgeous range, sophisticated & feminine. "Les Beiges" would be amazing for all skin tones, all age groups & fit perfectly with any makeup look and fashion style.

Holiday Must Pack Essentials ♥

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It's holiday season, and I have an addiction packing toiletries when I go away especially beauty products! I can't wait to go away sunbathe on the beach with the sand between my toes & the breeze from the waves cooling me down (with sun lotion on of course). However when it gets to night time and it's time to get ready for something to eat, that time to get all glam with your new glowing tan. Well this year these are the products I will definitely be bringing with me.

Hoola by Benefit (£23.50), the best bronzer of all time! I've had this bronzer for at least a year and a half, still not finished. I've hit the pan but it's still going. I absolutely love this bronzer, because it doesn't give you that fake orange touch, who tans orange really? It such a gorgeous brown, on holiday I definitely don't want to be wearing foundation, letting it melt away & I want to show off my new golden brown tan so to add a little touch of makeup this bronzer is definitely one to add to your holiday wish list.

Clarins Makeup Fix Spray (£23.00) is beautiful, I know I said I wouldn't wear makeup but I wouldn't be using this spray for that purpose! It is such a hydrating and quite moisturising spray with a gorgeous floral scent! I would spray this throughout the day to keep my skin nourished & definitely cool me down because it's so refreshing!

Coconut heaven Senuous Nude Eau Toilette by Estee Lauder, this is my holiday signature scent! Beautiful light tropical fragrance, you would want to pack this away & smell gorgeous every night! Feminine, soft & ticks all boxes!

Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadow in Nude Pink (£19.00)! Cream to powder texture, light weight & perfect for them hot nights. The nude pink shade adds nicely to any glowing skin tone, in the corner of your eyes, under your eyes, eyelids! Perfect shade to wear anyone to make your eyes look big and bright.

Little Black Primer (£20.00) & Sumptuous Extreme (£23.00) by Estee Lauder. Little black primer can be amazing in the day if you can't live without wearing mascara (like me) by giving you a little bit of length & it is water resistant & at the night it can amplify your lashes before you apply my favourite "Sumptuous Extreme"! These two mascara work a treat together.

Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector by Clarins, light non sticky lip balm with just enough tint. Want gorrgeous soft, smooth, shiny & plump lips during your holiday? Then you must put this on your holiday wish list. On it's own or over your favourite shade of lipstick. Nude lips with glowing tanned skin is beaut!

What are your holiday beauty essentials?

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JAYY JAY | Heartless Music Video & Lyrics ♥

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This isn't a usual post that I do but do you ever sit in your room relaxing? Or maybe driving your car to somewhere? & your feeling them slow jams. Well I have the perfect song for you ladies out there to listen to and add to your spotify playlist or purchase on iTunes (click iTunes to view). A good friend of mine Jay is a music producer and singer, created this beautiful song from scratch, to each beat to each touching word you hear. I am truly proud of him and he has done amazing. Thought I definitely need to share with you his music video & all links to add to your music so you can listen to it no matter where you are. I adore this song..

Dream Eyes Contact Lenses "Hulk Green" | Spooky Eyes.Com ♥

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Since I can remember I've always wanted big green eyes. My natural eyes are brown however they do change in the light and end up being half green at the bottom on both eyes & then change to hazel at the top, very strange haha. Spooky Eyes were lovely enough to send me some green contact lenses so finally can experience the green life! "Hulk Eyes". Extremely green and beautiful.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Box from THBaker Store ♥

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Now that I'm getting older, I've started loving simple & dainty jewellery. I loved going to Primark and getting all the costume jewellery but it's all changed especially when THBaker sent me their gorgeous "Daisy Necklace". THBaker sent me their beautiful "Thomas Sabo Black & White Striped Charm Box" (£20.00) which sits perfectly on my dressing table. I love the fact I have somewhere to put all my charms and jewellery bits. I never had a spot for them before but now having this beauty makes everything easier to find.

Wavy Up-Do featuring TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Products ♥

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I'm not one to putting my hair up. Not a massive fan of it! I'm a "always hair down" kinda girl. Different kind of day today, because TRESemmé sent me the brand new range "Perfectly (un)done". The range that creates natural looking waves and stays all day. I've always wanted to create curls/waves but sometimes the products I've used in the past just don't take effect or don't last. HOWEVER *drum roll* TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done products work extremely well.

Firstly I washed my hair with the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo & Conditioner (£4.99), so it clean, fresh and help create my future waves. Let my hair dry natural in the towel whilst I was finishing getting ready, when my hair was a bit damp I got the "Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam" (£2.70) and pressed about 2-3 pumps into the palm of my hands and just scrunched it into my hair mid-way to the ends & just evenly coated all my hair. Afterwards I grabbed the hair dryer and quickly dried it, so it was completely dry all over.

Sectioning my hair into three divide, I curled my hair using Babyliss wand. Not sure which one it is, it's been a while since I purchased them! Curling my hair in different directions because I like the "messy" curl rather than the perfect curl. After all I wanted to create more of a wave than a curl. After curling my whole head, I then used the TRESemmé Brushable Hair Spray (£2.70). Because I didn't want tight curls, I brushed through the curls to keep the bounce but let them drop quite abit to make the wave. I prefer having my hair up with these curls. I love love love these products they definitely help style your hair and these products also give you tips and tricks how to use their products without heating appliances to still create the perfect wavy look.

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Illamasqua | Gleam Highlighter Cream in "Aurora" ♥

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The type of "Champagne" you can overdose. Illamasqua do it again with their cream product. Beautiful "Gleam in Aurora" highlighting cream. No matter what the season, having gorgeous glowing skin is a must all year round. Everyone loves to create that glowing radiant look so Illamasqua created "Gleam" a solid cream compact that as pearlescent pigment to give your complexion that ultimate glow!

"Aurora" (£20.00) a shimmering pale champagne shade with a slight pink undertone. Illamasqua's cream products are beautiful, lightweight, non-sticky, true cream & easy to play with. Trying the previous "cream blush" in my last review, I love how Illamasqua cream products are wet/creamy because it looks more natural, non-cakey and it sits perfect on the skin rather than a powder.

This shade is perfect for that day-to-day look and perfect to make any night look, glamorous. This is the type of highlighter you apply on your highest points of your face; such as nose, chin and cupid's bow. Total verdict is Gleam in Aurora is beautiful and lovely to work with & I reckon this will suit ALL skin tones.

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Illamasqua | Cream Blush in "Zygomatic" ♥

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Illasmasqua is extremely qwerky and fun! Especially when they name their products. Firstly want to get it out there that this blush called "Zygomatic", it's actually named after your "cheek bones". The correct term for your cheek bone (area) is your zygomatic! Creative, yes! Love it? Yes! I'm a big lover of Illamasqua products & have been for a long time. I've never tried their "cream blushers" until this popped along and I thought "I really want to try this". Illamasqua kindly sent me "Zygomatic Cream Blush" to review and I must say, I don't think I'll be turning to powder blushers any time soon.

Clarins Skincare | Extra Comfort Toning Lotion ♥

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It has been a long long time since I've used a toning lotion. Can't actually remember when it was, I just remember it dried out my skin & irritated me, it was terrible! Recently I thought I should try one again and add it into my skincare regime because I've been told they have a lot of benefits & in the past maybe I just found the wrong one. Well Clarins & their miracles. "Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion" (£20.00) deserves a big high five. I'm so so happy with this lotion and everything it's done for my skin so far.