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Dazzling Ladies | Laser Teeth Whitening ♥

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Some of you may know, if you follow me on twitter, I had a lovely trip to Newcastle visiting the "Dazzling Ladies". They do home treatments and also have an online shop which will be launching shortly! So keep your eyes open for that. Today I had a lovely pamper, which consisted of "Laser Teeth Whitening" & "Shrink Violet Wrap". Today I'm going to tell you about the Laser Teeth Whitening!

Simple Kind To Skin Skincare | Replenishing Rich Moisturiser & Soothing Eye Balm ♥

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It has been a crazy two weeks again and I keep disappearing from you all so I do apologise again. Since moving out, I need to be kind to my purse but also be kind to my skin too! Simple Skincare I used a good few years ago and then since blogging I have tried a whole new range of products and brands. One day I woke up realised that my last bit of skincare has ran out! I needed something quick because my skin is super dry and sensitive so if I don't have any moisturiser on my skin, I hear it begging for moisture and hydration especially during winter times.

It is pretty handy having a Superdrug underneath my apartments. I purchased the "Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser" & the "Simple Soothing Eye Balm". The two most needed face products for myself. I can't remember trying these in the past so thought I would give it ago and see what they're ike.