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Laura Mercier Peach Nude Combo ♥

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Afternoon again my yummy spongecakes! That was completely random but ay it is FRIDAY. Means one thing, weekend and giggles! On this lovely friday afternoon & it is surprisingly sunny too, I thought I would show you a peach nude lip combo. Every lady loves a lip combo, I sure do! You know your lips looks HOT when you have all three matching liner, colour and gloss! Laura Mercier always have the perfect matching combos. Don't get me wrong I love a good red lip but I have been moving to the nude side. Sometimes pinks can make me look ill depending what the tone is but beige nudes can blend in with my skin. I chose very well with these beauties.

Simple, Everyday Makeup Routine|Tutorial ♥

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I thought, since I have bought a lot of L'Oreal recently thought I would co-operate it into my "Simple Everday Makeup" blog post. Less is more and I know I understand that statement haha. This look you could dress it up or keep it short and sweet for work, school, shopping, meeting your boyfriend maybe ay ay ;)!

Mostly did this blog in pictures rather than blabbing on and on, so I inserted little paragraphs on the pictures to make it just has simple as the makeup! I really hope you lovely readers are okay and sorry for a massive delay in posts! I have been a busy busy bee.