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Moroccan Oil Body Buff & Body Souffle ♥

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I absolutely love the sunshine and I love how it brings happiness too! It makes me want to shop more and more so my skin is protected, moisturised and of course, to give me that healthy radiant glow. My last blog post, just below this one I reviewed the most amazing "Cleansing Bar by Moroccan Oil", so you have probably guessed what today's post is by the title or if you previously read about the cleansing bar. I am a big fan of Moroccan Oil and will always purchase because they have always given me a smile when I use their beautiful products.

Moroccan Oil - Cleansing Bar ♥

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Some of you may of noticed that I have been going crazy with Moroccan Oil products on my Instagram & Twitter, it is because they are an amazing brand. Decided to purchase another product from their collection and this time it is the "Cleansing Bar" such a good purchase for £10! Oh by the way the reason I chose to review the soap first before the body souffle and the body buff is because you clean first, so kind of makes sense haha! So carrying on haha, you may think Woah £10 for a bar! Well this is post is to tell you why it is worth purchasing this. It's summer time, my skin needs the hydration and moisture pumped into and to stay in there too. This Cleansing Bar does the job and is super gentle on my eczema!