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"How To" Evelom Skincare Regime ♥

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Today, work felt super long! For me after a long day at work I love a good long session of pampering to make me feel fresh and awake. Evelom in Harvey Nichols Manchester store gave me lovely product samples which I adore and they last such a long time so I went and got some more and be cheeky before payday ahha! Here is my review already about the products - "Evelom Skincare Samples" so make sure you have a wander. This post is going to be about how to use these Evelom products, well the ones I were given to fit my dry-to dry skin type!

Moroccan Oil Treatment "How To" & Review ♥

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I'm lazy, it's true. I have to be honest with myself and with you lovelies. When it comes to hair I am super duper lazy, I don't do much with my hair so when you see a hair product review, your very lucky and I must really like the product also it must be easy and simple too ahah! I'm not that bad I'm making myself out to be, but for a beauty blogger I should be able to do lots of things with my hair, well to be honest.. I can't even curl probably, I do try but it takes a while!

Today I am doing a review and "how to" about the gorgeous moroccan oil that has been the latest craze for a good year or so. It's been on the market for a while and never really bought it because I knew I would probably not stick to it or something along them lines. The other week I thought "NO! Ashleigh you need to do something with your hair". My type of hair is dry, minor frizz and just lack of shine also I have them pain in the bum split ends, so thought let's buy the Moroccan Oil Treatment. I heard amazing reviews about it and it's meant to be the best oil out there so why not!