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Revlon ColourBURST Matte Lip Balms ♥

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Revlon, you have definitely done it beautifully this time. If your wondering what I mean, well Revlon launched new lip crayons in lacquer balms and matte balms. I do love my sheer, soft lip products but matte lip products always overrule most lip products. They have been out quite a while so I am quite late posting this but ay every review counts right? It is quite hard finding a matte formula lipstick that doesn't dry out the lips or make them flaky, some of you might agree that it is a mission!

So why I say Revlon have definitely done it beautifully this time is because their new matte products are beyond amazing, totally in love with these playful pigmented crayons. Crayons lip products are probably a product every brand now has in their makeup range, who blames them. They are brilliant. This review is a full on positive happy happy happy review which some one you may be pleased about.

These new lip balms, are definitely different to the other brands. The product gives you a very velvet yet matte look whilst still hydrating and moisturising the lips. Considering it is a matte formula, I am suprised to say it's almost creamy when applied and throughout the day of wearing it, makes my lips feel quite soft and silky actually. I have wore these colours a few times so I have had a good amount of time to write a full review about it. They lasted super long, a good 3-5 hours without that fading feeling or the need to apply anymore on. There is none of that drying and peeling of the product once on the lips and the scent isn't over powering either.

They don't massively stain on my lips, however for some reason when I did the swatches on my arms in the picture below, it stained my arms and took my ages to take it off but on my lips it is totally different and is easy peasy to wash off! Overall they have definitely impressed me, comfortable to wear, nicely pigmented and will be purchasing the other colours.

In order of colour starting with the reddish shade Standout. It is a very deep red and would be perfect for autumn and winter, however we are no longer in them seasons but I think you could get away with this shade of red during summer. This colour definitely has a hint of that berry touch to it and looks very sophisticated.

Next is the Audacious which is your brightest of the two. Very coral-ly and this was why this shade was picked in my summer favourites, one of the blog posts below. Very bright yet slightly creamy coral shade. I love this one, I think it is very summery and would look perfect on anyone. One of my favourites out of the two.

Last but not least is the lightest shade of the two, quite natural is Mischievous is bright also but not has much umph orange! I would say it's between an orange and a peachy, lovely colour for spring and summer has it is quite neon.

There are enough shades to impress everyone, and I would say there is a shade out there made just for you from this range so get round to your nearest Revlon counter and get swatching and purchasing. Everything about this lip balm is excellent and never been so happy about a moisuturising matte lip balm before. Would you like this, if so which shade?

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Barry M Nail Varnish - Gelly Hi Shine "Blue Grape" ♥

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BARRY M! My collection of Barry M nail varnishes is slowly but surely getting bigger than my lipstick collection. These are the only nail varnishes I actually purchase now, their range of colours are perfect and there is a colour for everyone. The lasting power and pigment is spot on. Today is a blue type of day and I don't mean mood, I mean an explosion of colour since it is coming up to summer everyone needs them bright colours on their nails.

I do love cobalt, whether it be in clothes, makeup and nails! It is a gorgeous type of blue. "Blue Grape" is a gorgeous blue gelly varnish and most definitely opaque with that gelly appearance. I always put two coats to achieve that FULL opacity, even though one coat can be quite strong too. I would say it is best to apply thin layers rather than thick layers so you can choose how opaque and bright you want it AND also to allow it to dry properly and thoroughly between applications. It is very easy to apply, the brush is soft and very easy to control when applying. Definitely non-streaky, smooth and dries perfect without any fuss, also you don't have to wait a long time either which is a bonus.

If you love vibrant colourful nail varnishes then get yourself down to your nearest drugstore and purchase Gelly Hi Shine because they are super shiny and almost look Gelly like. What do you think of this colour?

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The Summer Choices ♥

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Summer is slowly creeping up on us! So I have prepared my delicious summer products that I have previously used last year and with out a doubt I am definitely using them this year, there is the new revlon matte balms in this picture but I had to include them because they are beaut haha. This post is more like a "What I am going to use for summer" type of thing! Different selection of things that I will be using. Very coral-ly you may of noticed already but I don't want to sound big headed but I adore coral on my olive skintone especially when I tan! Also I did forget to take a picture of one of my favourite summer blushers "Coralista" but I have mentioned it somewhere below!

Of course Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder had to be on here, I did in fact write about this yesterday it's the post below this one haha! Absolutely amazing, summer in a bottle I always say. This is definitely a keeper for every summer, it's delicious. A necessity for me, it doesn't fade, its smells like your walking around in a bikini with a cocktail in your hand. Even the packaging looks exclusive and luxurious just for summer. Get it on your summer shopping list and purchase it, do it fast because this fragrance is a sell out and does go rather quick.

Starting left to right, just to make it easier haha. The best summer highlighter I have ever bought and it's not even hit the pan it's that amazing. Unfortunately you can't buy it this year, it was last years "Heatwave Gelee Powder Highlighter" by Estee Lauder from the Bronze Goddess range. I know it is called Gelee it's because it is a combination of a powder and a cream type substance ahah? Very very soft consistency and very easy to use and blend. I use this highlighter mainly in summer because of its pigment and how golden it actually is! I highlight my features and also I sometimes mix it with my favourite matte blushers to add a bit of a glow! It is a real shame they didn't relaunch it this year because when I worked for Estee Lauder last year when this was out, it sold out literally in one week if that!

Cha Cha Tint by Benefit! Boy, have I had this for a super long time, it doesn't seem to want to budge haha, but to be fair I do only use a tiny drop during summer and there is no need to top up because it's like a stain! I never really used this on its own, very rare that I did. I just applied Coralista blusher by Benefit too, which should be in this post actually but I forgot oops. Applying this blusher on top of Cha Cha Tint did make the blusher stand out a bit more and make it much more coral-ly!

Hoola Hoola Hooooooola by Benefit. A really true matte bronzed bronzer haha, not one of the bronzers that are too yellow or too orange! A really amazing brown natural bronzer. One of the best selling bronzers I think in the beauty world. Never disappoints, again I have had this loveliness a year and I do use this throughout the year to, not just Summer and no where near touching the pan yet. Sorry for the scruffy packaging haha it's had its beatings in the makeup bag traveling and things. It is really pigmented, not only do I use this has a bronzer but I mainly use it has a blusher. I do love my browny bronzey cheeks in the Summer, don't know why hehe!

Last but not least is the NEW Revlon Matte Lip Balms, these colours are super delish and bright! That is what you need at this time of year is your lips popping with colour! Only used these once or twice so not done a full review on them yet however I can say the pigment is amazing, the last power is just has amazing and when I have wore them they don't really dry my lips which is a big bonus because my lips do love to misbehave!

Here are my keepers for this Summer and can't wait til' I use them everyday single day for Summer, also I will be bringing them on my jollys to France at the end of this month so keep your eyes peeled for my trip away blog post with plenty of pictures haha. ALSO I hope I see lots of makeup purchases this summer with new launches. I want to see an explosion of bright colours everywhere.

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Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder ♥

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It has been a whole year since I blogged about this! It is a limited fragrance that comes out once a year around spring going into summer times. To be honest this fragrance should be sold every day of the year it is that beautiful! Like I said I did blog about it this time last year and I thought I would update you all because they have launched more products this year round which I am so happy about and definitely need to stock up on. Bronze Goddess is infact a once a year best selling fragrance pretty much every year, this is my third time purchasing it and I won't stop.

Bronze Goddess is absolutely beautiful. It is holidays, beach, sunshine and golden coconuts in a bottle, when you spritz it on suddenly your on a beach sunbathing soaking in them rays of sunshine with a cocktail in your hands. If you love that sort of feelings perfume gives you then get your hands on SEVERAL bottles of this, has I said it is limited edition and they do sell out quick. I always wait for this perfume to be released because it is one of, well should I say my top favourite fragrance. I love that coconut scent.

So this is definitely a summer sun-kissed fragrance, it does NOT smell overly beachy|holiday sun tan lotion scent it is completely different actually. Very elegant, any age group and person could wear this, also very feminine. I love how sweet and tropical the scent is, ah so devine. It's not too soft so it doesn't wear off but it's not over powering either so you don't choke other people on the scent ahha, a perfect combination.

They brought out last year the fragrance and a body oil, along with some bronze goddess makeup editions which are beaut. This year they have opened a whole new can of amazing wormies. They have the Bronze Goddess body creme, so not only can you spritz this beautiful fragrance but you can hydrate your skin with it too, ahhh I need to breathe. Also they have a shimmering body oil for you ladies that love to be glammed up and sparkle.

The packaging looks just has beautiful has the product it's self, looks very exclusive and golden. I think everyone should get there hands on at least two products minimum haha from the Bronze Goddess collection. Such a lovely scent for when you go on holiday too, walking holiday paradise haha. I can't wait for next year and what else they may bring.. Exciting!

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JuicePLUS+ "Changing Your Lifestyle" ♥

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This is a healthy lifestyle post today! I just want to let you know about this amazing product that has changed my life, sounds quite drastic but it's true. JuicePLUS+ is a company that I work for from home and I was given this amazing opportunity not only to work for the brand but to also use their products. I was the type of girl that was sluggish, lazy and unmotivated. Since being on their products such has the JuicePLUS+ Complete Shakes & JuicePLUS+ Premium Capsules I have seen a massive difference in my hair, skin and nails not just that the main difference is how motivated I have become, not lazy and I am definitely not sluggish. This post is to tell you how this has happened and why I want to share to you all why I am so happy and also I want you all to become financial free like me and be able to enjoy life. Not only that I want people to experience how being healthy can make a massive impact and put a smile on your face has soon has you wake up. Let's make a change together.

First of all JuicePLUS+ is a while based nutritional supplement of 26 fruits, vegetables and berries! Also it is consumed and recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals around the world. It is a simple, practical and affordable (definitely affordable) way to add all these nutritional benefits from fruit and vegetables to our diet, every day. It is not not a substitute for eating more fruits and vegetables but it certainly helps to bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we actually eat. Think of it as insurance for when we don’t manage to eat our five or more servings a day. It works perfectly for me!

The products come in three forms, you have the capsules, chewables and shake forms. The picture above is my JuicePLUS+ Premium Capsules.Such a tasty treat to have every morning I wake up! Here are the reasons why these are fab and I have seen a really big difference, here are a few of the benefit you receive from the capsules:

• Increased Energy
• Increased Recovery
• Cleanse the liver
• Reduce Stress (Cortisol)
• Increase Growth Hormones
• Reduce antioxidants
• Improve Fatigue
• Reduce Inflammation by 41%
• Strengthen Hair & Nails
• Reduce Tooth Decay & Gum Disease
• Improve Skin Complex
• Reduce risk of disease… Diabetes, Cancer, Heart

It is an amazing product and I used it personally and become healthier and with the JuicePLUS+ Complete Shakes, I lost a total of 1st and a half in two weeks! Some of you may be thinking that is seems a lot in a short amount of time. I still ate and my body was being given every single bit of nutrition from the shakes! It isn't just for weight loss, there is nutritional benefits too! I have clients seeing great, quick results!

The JuicePLUS+ Complete shakes come in two tasty flavours! Vanilla & Chocolate. You can do anything you want with this, turn it into pancakes, make smoothies, healthy cupcakes or just simply drink it has a milkshake with skimmed milk! The shakes gives us guaranteed levels of a wide range of nutrients, providing high content of vegetable proteins, simple and complex carbohydrates, and a controlled intake of the necessary calories and fat. Easy and convenient to prepare giving us healthy nutrition anywhere, anytime. I simply replaced two meals a day with the chocolate flavoured shake because it is my absolute favourite and ate a very full meal. What was so amazing is that it fills me up. I am a snacker and I can snack easily throughout the day BUT when I drink the shakes or even have the JuicePLUS+ Premium Capsules. All I wanted was more fruit and vegetables and I didn't feel the need to snack throughout the day, even on junk food which is my weakness hah!

The shakes can be used for anything, it is so versatile to fit everyone's lifestyle, it can be consumed in addition to our everyday nutrition, ideal for BREAKFAST, to get a great start to the day! A delicious SNACK for any time of the day, has it represents an excellent alternative to sweets and fast food, which while stopping cravings. It can also be added to fruits, juices and yoghurts, even smoothies to make it even tastier. Anyone who wants a HEALTHY MEAL in a convenient, easy to digest form. Excellent for SPORTS PEOPLE if used as a pre-exercise energy drink, thanks to its carbohydrates content. Supports long and intense training sessions. Also great has a post workout drink to recover thanks to its vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs and replenishes energy levels.

Please do contact me for much more information and if you want to know more about my journey BUT also if you want to join me and guide you to become financial free and let me help you achieve your life goal. I am always looking for people to join my team and help them become motivated! Anything is achievable. I have an amazing job opportunity for you all Email me now!

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Sleek Makeup Pout Polish Lip Tint Conditioners with Swatches ♥

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Ah the title is a bit of a mouthful haha! So I come across Boots and their amazing 3 for 2, I think every girl knows that when that offer is on, you can't just walk past it and miss it haha! I purchased these gorgeous goodies, I have always wanted to try Sleek Makeup Pout Polish has I have seen them all over the blogging universe! I think my lips need a good lip balm with a bit of tint. Since trying these, they are absolutely amazing never found anything like these! They are quite indulgent haha.

These are very emollient and a lovely pigment! Super soft and moisturising. Texture is thick and to get more pigment you can continuously build it up and it doesn't seem to get any thicker on the lips, it is amazing. The product formula is very emollient however it is not sticky or tacky and not to creamy but not crazy glossy or shiny! Very bizarre but very good combination. I would say it is between a lipgloss and a lip balm which is quite unusual.

The application is so easy, simply use your fingers or you can use a lip brush if you prefer! After application it does last a good few hours and when I washed my face, my lips weren't stained at all! I do like the fact you can actually wipe off a lip colour and not worry about having stained lips. I loved the result that it doesn't leave my lips dry or flaky after I wiped it off.

Electric Peach
Bare Minimum
Peach Perfection

I think you would love this if you love that hint of colour that hydrates, moisturises, lasts a good two hours and doesn't stain your lips. Also you may love this if you like the natural look, which I have been loving recently! Very impressed with these Sleek Pout Polishes and definitely going to buy the rest of the colours because they are so wearable and comfortable.

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My March Favourites ♥

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WOW, really it can't be April already.. Surely! This year is just speeding by and many more beauty goodies will be released this year. With me being a bit unwell and fragile during February I wasn't really wearing makeup and things but March when I finally started to feel human again I was back on it haha! During March I noticed I was wearing certain bits and bobs and started to become part of my makeup look every day, so thought I would share some of my makeup favourites of March with you lovely ladies and gents!

Here is everything that I loved. Quite neutral makeup pieces which I noticed when taking these pictures. I will start left to right and just give you a brief about why I loved these throughout March.

The little square brown box is Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake - Thunder. Honestly the best eyebrow product I have come across, the pigment is spot on and such a soft touch too. You can either dip your brush in water (which is what I do) or you can purchase the Illamasqua Sealing Gel which you put a blob on the product and mix it with your brush. I would of bought the sealing gel however it is very popular and sold out so the lady told me a trick to use water and woohoo it works! It can come on quite dark sometimes so really do build it up has you go. It stays on ALL day, no smudge, no fade, no nothing, it stays!

I'll do the next Illamasqua product, which is the amazing duo that you can see! Bronzing Duo - Glint & Burnish. I know it is a bronzer but I have been using this has a blusher, with it coming up to spring and summer I absolutely love the bronzed cheek look. I fell in love when I purchased this product and has been my favourite since February. Gorgeous bronzed shimmer with a touch of pink. I usually get my brush and just sweep over both colours and apply it. The pigment is AMAZING, truly the best pigment bronzer I have come across. Here is a full review about this product here - Illamasqua Bronzing Duo

Sleek Tinted Lip Conditioner Pout Polish - Bare Minimum, I am very impressed with these Sleek lip products. I bought three but Bare Minimum shade has been the most used. Gorgeous sheer pink that adds a lovely healthy shine to the lips without being to greasy and sticky. I can see this product lasting me absolutely ages! It doesn't cause that build up and dry out your lips, it is so good for the price you pay also. Would definitely recommend these during Spring and Summer!

Back onto eyebrows Maybelline BROWdrama, Sculpting Brow Mascara. A very big life saver, easy to carry and also it is very good for when you forget your main eyebrow product for example mine is the "Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake" I talked about before. It is fairly basic yet very easy to use. It isn't like your standard mascara wand brush, it is in face fact a better designed wand, because it is long with a ball shaped end. Perfect for grabbing the shortest eyebrow hair and them hairs that stick out slightly. I have dark eyebrows so I purchased the shade "Dark Brown", such a natural finish and not to in your face either. Once it is applied it pretty much stays on the whole day! For £4.99 you can't go wrong, really good little product to keep in your makeup bag especially for them eyebrow emergency days! I will be writing a full review about this product, so keep your eyebrows peeled haha!

Mascaras, mascaras, mascaras! I can't live without them, continuously purchasing them! I shall start with L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes - Brown, yes I did say brown. The whole of March I have sure I went through a stage where I loved how long but yet natural it made my lashes look! I do have the black version, if you click the link here! It is the exactly the same brush and product, just a totally different colour! I was definitely loving the "Less is more" look during March! This brush made me lashes super duper long and didn't give me that clumpy spider look effect even though I applied several even crazy amounts of layers!

Next mascara again, is in brown haha! Lash Accelerator Endless by Maybelline. So Maybelline have made me proud this month hehe! This brush/wand is totally different to the L'Oreal brush, Less spikes much shorter should I say too and also the wand is a bit more stiff compared to L'Oreal's. Still this did certainly accelerate my eyelashes to a totally different length and no excess product on my lashes and no clumping! Amazing, and again I will make a review just about this product too if you ladies would like to read about it!

The last mascara but certainly not least is this Illamasqua one. I apologise, it doesn't have a name! I bought it from their sale they had online and went crazy but unfortunately it doesn't have a specific mascara name, so if any of you know the look of this brush and know the name then by all means, inform me haha! This is much different to the other brushes I have mentioned, just because this is a brush brush! The design of the brush it twisted? It is in brown so this brown mascara phase has been going on for about two months haha! This most definitely adds volume and length with the style of brush it has.

Ah the face NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, the most delicious foundation and will always be in my top month favourites! The reason it is in this months because it is such a natural looking foundation. There is no sign that you have loads on and also it is just perfect to wear all seasons. As we are coming up to summer, I want to be confident to wear less makeup but still feel covered. Sheer Glow does the trick, absolutely amazing foundation. Makes your skin look soft, glowy, dewy and radiant. All four things I love in a foundation. Here is a full review, if you click the link here!

That is it, my beautiful top March favourites! Really hope you enjoyed and do apologise it is six days late into April haha! I hope you try these products and they become your top April favourites because you never know! Love you all beauty addicts.

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