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MyBeautyCompare Website ♥

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You all must know that I am a massive beauty and makeup addict and I surely love a good deal, good bargains and I must admit I do like people or websites giving me advice! I have found a perfect website that does guides me and recommends me products as I look around!

MyBeautyCompare website, click the link to get directed straight to the site and have a look! Every lady and gent need the perfect products, after all beauty and makeup is your best friend and MyBeautyCompare will definitely help you find the perfect products for you.

It is a comparison website but there is a big difference to other comparison websites out here, this one is personalised to each individual which I think it quite smart and much easier for everyone. It provides personal recommendations that are best to suit you and only you which worked out for me because it made a massive difference searching for items which made everything quicker and much smoother to find products. If you have a busy life style and don’t have time to go to the shops or seek advice from a counter in the stores, well this MyBeautyCompare website can give you the same advice and recommendations has they would over the counter, time saver!

What I love about this website is that it offers so many different products from skincare, hair care, beauty, makeup, nails and fragrances to body care! They haven’t missed a single detail on this website which I do take into consideration when I do my beauty and makeup shopping spree online. Another BONUS for me using this website is that it has its top selling well known brands in a column so you can click away if you know what you’re after all ready! Covers every well-known brand to salon brands to drugstore brands!

This is a global website so no matter where you’re from, it is an international website so your pleased to know that you can all use this and receive all the benefits that this website brings! I am really happy to of collaborated with this amazing beauty and makeup based website because I have also learned quite a few hints and tips, also products I am missing out on! Get clicking and searching and create your own personalised beauty page now!

Click the link and be prepared to make yourself look and feel beautiful MyBeautyCompare

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Corals | Summer Hurry Up ♥

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Ahh the gorgeous seasons are coming. The gorgeous bright colours will be out of ladies makeup bags! Spring & Summer, oh I do love thee. All you lovely coral products have been hidden away for six months and now you can show your coraliness again. I definitely made that word up haha! Since it's Friday and very happy about weekend and I have some amazing things planned for my weekend. I thought I would do a much more colourful, a bit of fun blog post for you gorgeous readers.

CORALS! that is right. My favourite colour to wear when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I simply just picked some products that I loved wearing last Spring & Summer and I can't wait to wear them again because they will never get old!

These pictures definitely brighten up my page! I'll start from left to right from the picture above and just simply talk a little abit about them, because I don't want this to be a long long post and you may get bored haha!

MAC "Vegas Volt" Lipstick | Oh this is such a lovely coral for anyone. It is a mixture of pink and orange but still is quite vibrant on the lips and definitely looks more coral when applied. Vegas Volt is from the amplified range so therefore it has a lot of pigment! It does. It stays on so well and definitely a summer lip with any natural eye makeup.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint | I have wrote about this product three times now on my blog, that is saying something! I totally love this product whether it's being worn on it's own or to apply a coral blush on top to make the blusher POP. So impressed with the pigment, the texture and how long it lasts through the day. Why I like this during the Spring & Summer is when it's absolutely boiling hot and your sweating, this baby stays on!

Bourjois Paris - Colour Boost "Orange Punch" Lip Crayon | I have wrote about this beauty also, when these were launched August Summer time. This isn't has bold has MAC Vegas Volt but it definitely has that orange tint. I think this would look fab with any sunkissed bronzed skin and it will definitely stand out. If you want something a little bit more sheerer than lipstick then try this lippy. The texture is smooth and soft when applied and it does last a long time! I bought these in September so I would like to know how long they last when I'm in the heat!

Benefit "Coralista" Blusher | My holy grail for summer products. I have only just hit the pan! I did use this throughout the Autumn season too. It's too gorgeous not to use. It's been packed away since then and I can't wait to let it out again ahah. Lovely tropical coral colour. This is what I like wearing on top of Cha Cha Tint. There is a slight hint of golden shimmers within this blusher which is so girly when the sun shines on your cheeks!

Essie "Boat House" Nail Varnish | Can't forget your finger nails and your toes! When you have a sunkissed summer tan, whether it be St tropez style or if you have been lucky enough to sunbathe in Hawaii. Coral looks absolutely gorgeous and bright, really brings the summer to your fingertips, literally. It is much of a warmer coral colour I'd say. A very opaque colour so only need about two coats and your good to go!

I really want to know what your favourite coral products are so I can purchase them ready for Spring & Summer, or tell me if these any of your favourites too! I hope you enjoyed this random, fun and colourful post for a change!

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St Tropez - Self Tan Bronzing Mousse ♥

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It is nearly weekend & also it is nearly Spring or possibly is Spring now haha! I enjoy a good tanning afternoon when it's this season. Love the feeling of being bronzed and sunkissed without the UV damage. Today I am writing about the very popular and gorgeous tanning product by St Tropez!

It is my all time holy grail tanning product. Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. This mousse is my cup of tea, it gives me the perfect tan without the streaks and the lines, even the patchiness and also the most important thing, it DOESN'T make you orange. Absolutely flawless. I have been using this tanning mousse for such a long time and it has never ever disappointed me.

Super light-bubbly mousse texture feels amazing when applied and with it being a light texture means it is really easy to apply with their tanning mitt which I also bought! It almost looks like chocolate mousse yummy. Has a guide, I have long legs with me being 5'7ft so to cover a whole leg, I use 2-3 pumps and it spreads so well. It spreads more like a liquid and you can't really go wrong when applying and it is virtually impossible to apply it streaky too which I have noticed. With it being a mousse it dries super quick which I absolutely love, because it means I don't have to lie there stark naked for ages until I can put clothes haha!

I apologise for the the St Tropez mitt being quite stained but I have had it for a long time. Another amazing point about this product it doesn't smell much either. I have had tans in the past where they have a bit of a stronger smell haha to put it politely and the smell does linger for a couple of days, but St Tropez is subtle scent and doesn't last even a few hours.

The important bit to self tan, is after application! Your meant to leave it 4-8 hours usually for any tan. I prefer to apply it on just before bed, wait for it to dry and then go sleep, so when I wake up it has developed to the max. There is days when I have woke up and fancied fake tanning so I keep it on all day if I'm not doing anything and rinse it off just before bed, or keep it on for at least 4-5 hours if I'm going out. Don;t be frightened when you have developed you look quite dark because when you have had a good soak or wash in bath|shower, your tan will be gorgeously bronzed and natural looking! The mousse gives me such a "natural sun kissed" glow that I can't get enough off. I would say there is a guarantee you won't receive that obvious fake tan look!

A good thing I love is when it starts to fade, which it will throughout the week, is that it won't go streaky or patchy! Massive BONUS for me because I know some fake tans I have previously used start looking dirty on your skin. There is no problem with St Tropez, it just simply fades. I don't need to top up or reapply which really amazes me. You can do another top up if you like though! I do find I enjoy the colour I become with one application a week hehe.

My St Tropez Tips & Tricks

· I highly recommend you exfoliate (with any sort of gritty body scrub, or even a exfoliating glove) and moisturise before using the tanning mousse! Just to make sure you get rid of any dry skin patches and make your skin super clean for easy application. Remember also to moisturise your naturally driest areas like your elbows, knees, ankles! By doing this it helps with a streak-free application!

· If you need to shave your legs, try and do this a few hours before your tanning application or the night before. Just because your legs can be quite sensitive after shaving! For me I get little dots on my legs if I have tanned straight after. It does wash off though, so it's not a massive problem hehe!

· I work from the bottom up! There is a reason for this, it is because if you work from the top up, you will be creasing and bending the bits whilst you do your legs for example and could cause creases and lines whilst it dries. If you work from bottom up your legs can stand straight and dry without any creases and get a flawless tan!

· To prolong your tan through the week then just simply keep your skin moisturised! I am sure St Tropez do products to help prolong your tan that I need to try!

I am very pleased to use this product, and I will always be loyal to St Tropez! They do two sizes for the mousse which is good for people who haven't used their products before. I do recommend this to everyone that wants a sunkissed look, but also if you have a pale skin don't be scared! It won't make your too dark or even orange!!

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L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara ♥

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Ooo I have been bursting to review this gorgeous L'Oreal mascara for a long time, "False Lash Flutter". It is one of my newest and most recent buys. I am so in love with it. L'Oreal mascaras never disappoint, they give you exactly what you want for your lashes. I did want all the colours to be honest so I could create some crazy colourful looks, but I bought black just to try it out and be safe before spending my pennies.

Infact I saw the advert on TV, and instantly I said to my mum "I want that, I'm getting it". It was the peculiar wand that stood out to me. Right more about the product because that is what you have came for haha. Has you can see the mascara comes in a chunky packaging that you can't miss, lovely sleek design, quite similar to there other mascara packaging. Must be their signature look! I bought the regular black which comes in this silver tube or there is "extra black" which the tube comes in all black. Can't really miss this range on the stand. It does stand out from other products I think.

Most important bit is what's inside the tube. The brush! I loved the brush when I seen it up, close and personal however I was a bit confused how this would work, with the brush having flared spikes on the one side and normal on the other. It almost looks like a butterfly wing. Give me spiky wands from L'Oreal and I will happily use them.

It is amazing that one big coat of False Lash Flutter gives you amazing long lashes. Considering this is the normal, regular black, it comes out quite deep. My lashes definitely look lengthened and volumised in one coat. When I apply two-three coats, wow do my lashes look long and dramatic. It is perfect for me because I love them long lashes especially when I wear my eyeliner.

I don't have any issues with this mascara - although when you take the wand out, it may be a put off that it looks like it's coated in product also looks really wet! Don't be alarmed it has never smudged on me or made my lashes stick together. With my lashes, the spikes not only add the lengthening and things but it separates my lashes too, giving them the illusion to appear longer!

For £10.99 for an amazing mascara, that you can get in blue and purple also. You can't go wrong, I think this mascara is definitely worth more. I really really love it, what do you think?

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Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner - Infinity ♥

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Every lady needs the perfect eyeliner to create any gorgeous look. I am always looking around to see which eyeliner gives me that bold black feeling haha! Illamasqua never disappoints me so when I went wild on their counter and purchased nearly everything, I treated myself to a brand new gel eyeliner!

Illasmaqua Precision Gel Liner, is a little pot of amazing goodness! I think it is their newest addition to their line. This eyeliner is pretty darn good. I have had this for about three weeks now and can't get enough of it. I am one to create that bold cat eye look so I need a good black eyeliner to make a statement haha. Just amazing how pigmented a little pot can be. I would say it is the blackest of black eyeliners I have purchased so again that impresses me. The picture you can see below shows you that in three weeks of using it 3/4 times a week you only need the smallest amount.

This is the creamiest gel liners I have come across also. Glides on with ease and it almost feels like there is an emollient or moisture within the product, so it doesn't feel or look drying on the eyelids. With it being so creamy it doesn't flake or rub off so it is very very good for lasting power. It doesn't fade throughout the day or even when I am out with my girls! Back to the texture, it is very easy to work with because it is build-able and you can layer has much has you want without it looking cakey.

Has you can see from the swatch it is BLACK, you probably can't get anything that black that doesn't fade on the skin. For £18 I think is an amazing price for Illamasqua. The quality and longevity is the best. I apply this beauty with a sharp defined angled brush or eyeliner brush, but what I would of loved to see when opening the packaging is a little mini brush that you sometimes get from other brands that sell gel liner.

I am in love with all Illamasqua's packaging but this one is sleek, simple and eye catching! Also large I'd say for a gel liner pot. I love you Illasmaqua and thank you for all your amazing products. Definitely more to come!

Ladies have you tried this gel liner? Or if you have, what do you think my lovelies?

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Illamasqua Bronzer Duo - Glint & Burnish ♥

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I must apologise. There has been a lot of Illamasqua reviews on here recently, especially this month, it's because I went totally mad when I went shopping there and pretty much bought all of the counter. You can't blame me their products are amazing and not one has disappointed me and I don't think there will be.

Illamasqua Bronzer Duo - Glint & Burnish, is the product I'm going to talk about. A very versatile product and also my first non-matte bronzer! I love the fact a bronzer can have a frost finish to it but still looks quite natural. I do indeed, love everything about this product from it's texture, the shades, the pigment. Also when I say versatile you can get away with using it has a blush not just a bronzer. However you can't really use the darker shade has a contour shade.

These two shades give the most gorgeous golden-bronze glow to any skin. I have to say it is becoming my holy grail, I am using it everyday without fail, creating new looks with it and all sorts. I have fair olive-y skin and these shades work perfectly on me and don't look like an uumpa lumpa.

You have "Glint" shade on the left and then "Burnish" on the right. I'll talk about Glint first, it is a very gorgeous yet light peach highlighter, it's extremely pretty when applied on the cheek bones, temples, cupids bow and even under the arch of your eyebrows. Very natural and glowing on my skin. It glows perfectly in the light although you can see it when no light is in fact shining onto your skin. It POPS!

Let's get down to Burnish! < See what I did there? haha. The warmth it gives to your cheeks and temples is incredible. Even though I mentioned it's a non-matte bronzer it is still perfect. Burnish is a bronzer with peach undertones also, which makes it very sunkissed! Be aware, a little amount is needed because it can be quite dark if you don't blow the excess off your brush, however I have done this many times. I get my powder brush and simply blend it, and POOF it looks gorgeous and even!

The important bits! Texture and pigment. This product, the powder is extremely soft an silky, which makes it super easy to apply and lovely to blend. Any brush you use, I think you are guaranteed to pick up the pigment|powder. I love how soft it is to touch and once applied it doesn't look overly powdery or cakey. I am really in love with everything about this product and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is £26 but don't let that scare you because it is worth it!

What do you think?

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Illamasqua Hydra Veil | Primer ♥

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Hello! I love a good primer and I have been loving Illamasqua recently, it is a win win haha! I need a primer that adds moisture and keeps my skin looking hydrated, radiant and dewy. I'd say I am fussy when it comes to primers, they can't be matte, they need to be creamy or very moisturising.

Having a window shop online has you do when your bored. I come across Hydra Veil on the Illamasqua website which really interested me. I decided to buy it in Selfridges so I could have a bit more of an idea from the makeup artists. They recommended it and said it's a fab formula, so I was curious and bought it, naughty ashleigh!

Boy! Am I impressed with this mysterious tub. It is the bizarre texture that interested me and the packaging was very mysterious looking. I was a bit unsure how to use it at first, I should of asked when I bought it but to be honest I thought it would of been applied like any other primer. It's not just a primer though for makeup, infact it is also a skin care product that looks after your skin so makeup applies and looks better. With it being a skincare product I have become very addicted to it haha! By the way it isn't a skincare product that provides benefits in the long run, it is a product that is short term and happens instantly I would say.

I will tell you a bit more about the product and the effects it has had on my skin. Hydra Veil is a very hydrating product that gives you that boost instantaneously. I have felt my skin feeling much more plumper, softer, smoother and much hydrated. Even though it is a product that may scare you ladies with oilier skins don't run! It is suitable for any skin type. There has been times during the weeks since I bought it my skin has been annoyingly dry and even flaky! GRR. Once this has been applied it has give me the boost my skin needs so my makeup applies evenly and no signs of flakiness or dryness appears on my skin throughout the day, it's a miracle for me.

The consistency is very peculiar to other previous primers I have used in the past. It had a thick jelly-like consistency and it wobbles in the pot. Quite like jelly to be honest haha. Has you can see it comes with a spoon/spatula for more of a hygienic and easiest removal. You can probably use your fingers but I have always used the spatula. Once you scoop it out, it does look like you have ruined the gel but after I while it reforms and looks like you haven't touched it, the next time you use it.

The first time I used it, I put on quite a lot! My face felt tacky for ages, it didn't feel right? I was like "No this isn't right?" only to find out you need the tiniest scoop ever and that's when I realised a little amount absorbs quickly. Really you don't need a lot, even if you think it is too little don't be fooled! It spreads so far and easily. The primer is cool and definitely doesn't feel heavy or greasy considering it is a gel! I use my fingers to massage it around my face but you can use your flat foundation brushes or your buffing brushes if you prefer.

So happy I purchased this hydrating primer! Have you tried this yet or will you?

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