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TMI Tag ♥

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Instead of doing an #askashleighbeauty post thought I would mix it up and do the famous youtube and blogpost TMI! Also it gives you a little bit information about me if your interested haha. I do tag everyone that is reading this and has either a youtube channel or any type of blog, get typing so I can be nosey and know a little bit more about yourselves. Well here goes!

1.What are you wearing? - An aztec crop top and underwear, I'm in bed it's allowed!

2.Ever been in love? - Yea I have.

3.Ever had a terrible breakup? - I wouldn't call it terrible but all breakups aren't amazing to experience.

4.How tall are you? - I am infact 5'7ft, not sure what that is in CM, let me know haha!

5.How much do you weight? - Ay cheeky, currently working out and trying to lose weight, at the moment 11.8st.

6.Any tattoos? - Indeed I do, one from the bottom of my stomach up to the sides of my ribs, its gorgeous!

7.Any piercings? - Just my ears, I don't really wear ear rings anymore since I was like 14!

8.OTP? - I could tell you if I knew what that means, omg you probably think I am a loser haha! never heard it before

9.Favourite show? - I don't watch a lot of TV but I love Eastenders haha and currently loving Channel 4's "My Mad Fat Diary"

10.Favourite bands? - Truthfully I don't have a favourite band haha!

11.Something you miss? - I miss being a child & playing out, not having to worry about life or bills etc!

12.Favourite song? - I have a few, Beyonce "Drunk In Love" & Chris Brown ft Kid Ink "Show Me" also R Kelly "Cookie"!

13.How old are you? - I am 21, and will be 22 in July eek.

14.Zodiac sign?- Cancer, crabby!

15.Quality you look for in a partner? - Someone who makes me laugh, kindness and caring and also loves talking!

16.Favourite quote? - It has gone, but it was a Marylin Monroe. oops I'l remember later haha!

17.Favourite actor? - He is a comedian too, but I love Kevin Hart at the moment. Makes me laugh too much.

18.Favourite colours? - I love all colours, but I like my nudes, creams and beiges haha quite grannyish there!

19.Loud music or soft - In any mood I need loud and songs with good beats hah!

20.Where do you go when you're sad? - Either to my room in bed and I open my blinds so I can just day dream!

21.How long does it take you to shower? - I can take between 20-30 minutes, I love my relaxing pampering showers :)

22.How long does it take you to get ready? - Depends, no makeup including everything else 10|15mins, makeup 45mins?

23.Ever been in a physical fight? - Once when I got jumped and had to defend myself.

24.Turn on? - Good arms and defined jaw line haha also tattoos I like too.

25.Turn off? - Ignorance, stubbornness, and stuck up your own bum!

26.The reason why I joined blogger? - Just start my hobby and tell you all about my beauty|makeup reviews!

27.Fears? - Injections, them things.. Can't even type it n**dles. Worst fear and also spiders..

28.Last thing that made you cry - An argument between me and my bf.

29.Last time you said you loved someone? - It was my bf this morning!

30.Meaning behind your Blogger URL? - It's my name and what it's about haha, not very creative.

31.Last book you read? - Naughty me, it was 50 shades of freed, the last book from 50 shades of grey.

32.Currently reading? - Hmm nothing, but I read blogs. That counts haha!

33.Last show you watched? - Channel 4's "My Mad Fat Diary" you should all watch it, it is hilarious!

34.Last person you spoke to on the phone? - It was my mum.

35.The relationship between you and the person you last texted? - Chloe, my best friend! Love her lots.

36.Favourite food? - Domino's pizza, pepperoni passion. Can't beat it with garlic & herb dip!

37.Place you want to visit? - I want to go to Paris & USA! also Hawaii.

38.Last place you were? - Last holiday place was Malia 2013 in July.

39.Do you have a crush? - Not a crush, no haha.

40.Last time you kissed someone? - No kisses for a month however, I have pecked my lovely best friend haha!

41.Last time you was insulted? - About three/four weeks ago?

42.Favourite flavour of sweet? - Probably the fizzy fruit kind hahah!

43.What instruments do you play? - I don't sorry.

44.Favourite piece of jewellery? - I have loads of gold necklaces and bracelets from Riverisland & Primark.

45.Last sport you played? - Officially netball last year but I do boxing has a hobby now.

46.Last song you sang? - Beyonce - Drunk In Love, it is hard not to sing to that haha.

47.Favourite chat up line? - Too many cheesy ones to mention.

48.Have you ever used them? - Hahah no and never would.

49.Last time you hung out with someone? - It was my lovely friends on Saturday celebrating a birthday.

50.Who should answer the questions next? - EVERYONE!

Thank you for making it all the way down to the bottom! Hope you enjoyed my lovlies

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Long Lashes Within Seconds with L'Oreal - Volume Million Lashes Noir Excess Mascara ♥

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I have pain in the bum lashes. Yes you read that correctly, my lashes can be very temperamental especially with certain mascaras. Sometimes my lashes decide to turn on me when I apply one of my favourite mascaras & decide to stay short and clumpy. BUT ladies & possibly gents, I have found a mascara that is worth every penny and even my lashes can't be defeated with this one. "L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes", this beauty doesn't let me down.

Volume Million Lashes Noir Excess Mascara, (a bit of a mouthful) is super amazing! I'll talk about the packaging first because that is what my eyes fell on first. It's gold & red, extremely elegant, beautiful right? Anything that has gold on the packaging, I am sure to grab it, although with this mascara being L'Oreal and I heard many good reviews about it, I got it. The red and gold colours on the packaging make it stand out from other brands and other mascaras. I think it looks exclusive and would look fab in everyones makeup bag, especially mine with it being gold haha! I like the fact it's bulky with a fat lid, only because I find it much easier to use and to hold.

The price is really reasonable, £10.99. I have used L'oreal before and all their products are priced generously for the quality you get from their products. With their being so many good reviews about this mascara, I had high expectations of this and guess what I was NOT disappointed. It fulfilled my dreams when I used it for the very first time.

L'oreal persuaded me to buy this due to it's "brand new anti-clump wiper", this basically is a design they have made to remove excess mascara so you don't get that clumpy spider look that everyone dreads to get when applying any mascara. I am much in love with the wand design after using it a couple more times during the day time and even night time when I'm out on a date or with my girlies. Even though it is a plastic wand it is very sturdy and doesn't wobble when you apply. The BEST bit about this mascara for me is the "SPIKES"! It has multi-bristles to make sure not only does it apply product on each lash but separates them for volume and length, also to give you the illusion of million more lashes. Clever!

Like some mascaras, you could be sat there for at least five minutes applying coat after coat to achieve anything. We have all been there including me. The application with L'oreal's Volume Million Lashes is very easy and even my little lashes were coated with one coat. Not one clump, no spider leg lashes, just perfect long, seperated lashes! It was really impressive, not only that! I could apply more than six coats if I wanted to because there was still no clumps, no flaking, no nothing.

The formula is just has important has the wand. It has a "shiny, glossy texture" that gives the lashes a healthy and natural look. When applied it is almost the formula wraps around each lash, making it last all day until you remove it. I mentioned before "flakiness", it is probably everyone's pet hate with a mascara. There is no flaky trouble with this mascara woohoo! It stays intact all day, it is a miracle. Another thing I noticed that the formula doesn't leave my lashes feeling stiff and hard, still has a little flexibility to it as well.

I would definitely repurchase this mascara again and again! Have you tried this?

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Illamasqua "Sculpting Powder Duo" in Lumos & Heliopolis ♥

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Ah half way through the week so that means it is closer to weekend! Hope you lovely ladies and gents are having a fabulous week. You guessed it I am back again with another Illamasqua post! I can't get enough of it. So I am always on the hunt for a good contour kit! Illamasqua "Sculpting Powder Duo" has had many amazing reviews and the makeup artists on the Illamasqua counter are really in love with product and can tell they are proud selling it too.

First of all I want to say I am in love with this product, it is definitely up there with the best. I must admit I have tried a good amount of products to contour your cheekbones with and I must say I am really impressed with Illamasqua's! Has you can see this gorgeous product comes with two compact shades, the top one is Lumos which is a pinky toned champagne shade. Then below we have Heliopolis, a matte brown! Don't be alarmed if you think the matte brown looks quite light because once applied to your cheekbones/forehead etc, your in for a treat! These shades work amazing together in the most perfect way.

It can be difficult for me to find that perfect contour shade due to my skin tone! Sometimes they can look orange, grey, muddy-looking, sometimes they don't show up on me at all or even look to cakey! So I really have to hunt to find one that shows perfectly. Heliopolis the matte brown shade for sculpting is one of the closest to perfect shades I have come across. Heliopolis gives a really subtle shadow shade that makes your cheekbones pop. I am not one to have cheekbones so this shade really works well with my olive skin tone. I use the "Real Techniques" Contour brush with this, dip the top of the brush into the compact and lightly dust the shade through my cheekbones & build up the colour if need be, I also lightly dust my jawline and down the sides of my nose along with my temples and it works like magic.

Lumos, the highlighting shade. I fell in love with it has soon has I laid my eyes on it. I am usually a gold toned highlighting lady so considering this is more of a pinky toned is quite surprising. Once dusted on the high points of my face such has tops of my cheekbones, down the center of my nose and forehead also cupids bow, it gives a really lovely subtle sheen that catches the light beautifully. I use the same brush "Real Techniques" Contour brush.

The texture and pigment is spot on. The powder feels soft and silky when applied which makes it super easy to blend onto the skin, even though it is quite pigmented it doesn't work too strongly on first touch but gives it a really subtle, natural result which lets you build and work with it to suit you. For only £26 which some of you may think it is pricey, it is definitely worth every penny, and also I can see this product lasting a long time because how little amount you use each time. I am really pleased to have this has part of my collection! Thank you Illamasqua.

Have you tried this Sculpting Powder Duo? I would love to know your thoughts and tips for contouring & highlighting.

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Illamasqua "Rich Liquid Foundation" Review ♥

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I have been asked what is the best full coverage, I have found one & it is only been recently bought but it has been pushed up to 1st place on my full coverage foundation list already. Be prepared to be amazed!

It is by Illamasqua and it is called "Rich Liquid Foundation" simple right? That is what I love about Illamasqua is it's simplicity and amazing quality inside. It says it in the name, Rich. This product, "rich" means several things, for example; it is rich in texture, rich in pigment, rich in consistency, rich in moisture! It is a very gorgeous product.

Since the purchase I have been using it religiously when I want to wear a full coverage foundation. I would say I have good skin but I do have a few imperfections that I do like to hide occasionally. For me to get excited about a foundation I'm about to use is rare and this foundation gets me excited everytime I apply it just because it does everything you want it to do.

I keep saying this but it is the most HIGH FULLEST coverage foundation I have ever come across. The consistency is like no other, it has a creamy gel "paste" like feel to it, if you can imagine that haha but don't let it put you off because once applied it feels totally different. You may be thinking, well if it's thick that means it is going to be hard to apply and blend?. NO! This is the easiest full coverage foundation that can be applied in various ways, with fingers - sponges - brushes! & you only need a blob, when I say blob I mean slightly bigger than a pea size and it will just spread flawlessly and evenly all over and will varnish any imperfections you want to hide within a flash, even full enough for tattoos!

I have two in the picture because I have my natural skintone and one darker if I wear fake tan hehe!

Has you can see it comes in a transparent plastic case, but I think is handy because you will know when you are near the end of your foundation and be prepared to stock back up. There is a tiny nozel so that makes this foundation hygienic to use and also you can measure how much foundation you actually need and don't over use!

The shade collection is amazing, if you want to try this foundation, go get matched up because I think there is a shade for everybody. They have a really good range of different undertones to different skins which I think is important for a makeup brand to have. The pigment, big thumbs up! It is simply amazing, the pigment definitely evens out any discolourations unlike some foundations I have tried.

The finish is "semi-matte" so I think it is ideal for all skin types especially oilier skins & it is non drying for us dry ladies! They have really thought about this foundation so that everyone is able to wear it without any problems. It's full coverage, it's thick but once your all made up, it looks light and feels light too. If you want a slightly lighter coverage or more of a dewy finish just simply add moisturiser to it and mix! Magic. This foundation does give you that airbrushed flawless finish, who doesn't love that? I certainly do.

If you are a bit worried using this with it being so full, I have reviewed the alternative, the "Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation" here. This brand has not disappointed me and I am really in love with their products. Thank you Illasmasqua for making such amazing quality products! Next purchase will be your primers, so here I come.

Have you tried any of the Illamasqua's foundations, how did you find them?

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Selfridges Beauty Blogger Event - Day On The Suqqu Counter ♥

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had an amazing valentines weekend whether it was with your friends, loved ones or even family. I had a busy valentines day infact, the other week I was invited to a beauty blogging event which was held in Selfridges Manchester. I was so excited to go because my first visit was at the Suqqu counter! I love Selfridges, it's clean, exclusive and I love shopping in the beauty hall! So many exclusive brands and everyone is friendly and knows everything about their own products.

The lady introduced me so kindly and professionally, she was in fact the area manager of Suqqu! She asked me what I knew about Suqqu! I did mention I have been told that Suqqu is popular due to its amazing eyelash curlers and eyebrow products! She told me amazing facts about Suqqu and that it is Japanese brand and the word Suqqu means "posture with attitude". The lady definitely knew her stuff!

She went through everything that we was going to do and then I had to fill out some forms about my skin, what I want my skin to improve on! Then the lady wrapped my hair in a funny looking headband which didn't look appealing on me haha! But ay, it was relaxing. I wore a full face of makeup which was quite silly of me but then again I didn't know what I was expecting when I arrived. So she give me these very soft cotton pads with their "Eye Makeup Remover R" on it so I could take my own eye makeup off, this was the most gentle eye makeup remover I have used in a long time, there was no tugging, greasiness, irritation and it was extremely quick to remove! She mentioned their was "Rice Squalane" which is an effective ingredient!

Next she applied "Reset Cleansing Cream". I had a full coverage foundation so was unsure what to expect when it was time to remove my face haha! She only used a tiny amount and applied it first to my forehead, cheeks and chin and a bit on my nose. I also had red lipstick so she applied some on my lips too! She told me to concentrate on the way she was about to cleanse my skin. It was extremely relaxing, she did everything in a upwards motion so theres no tugging or sagging on the skin. Made circular motions so that there was an increase in my blood flow. You could see the makeup come off instantly, I was amazed and she told me you could either "rinse it off" or "wipe it with a damp cloth". She brought a damp cloth to my face and simply wiped off the excess. My skin felt like a babies bum with added hydration!

The massage was next, Gankin Massage it was called! With this specific Japanese style massage she used "Musculate Massage & Mask Cream". This was the best bit of the treatment! She mentioned it is a very rich cream that you can use on any skin types, it promotes blood circulation and strengthens your face muscles. She had a certain massage for the face which helps with lymph flow so any toxins can be drained through and prevents sagging of the skin. I can't remember each move but it was wonderful. It lasted about 3-4 minutes and I could of fallen asleep haha. When it finished she wiped off the excess and applied "Face Refresher R" or another name "Wiping Off Lotion" on a cotton pad and simply wiped everywhere and this removes residual oil left after the massages and simply refreshes your skin.

Once all that was done she applied the "Moisture" range which is new! It was good timing because my skin was extremely dry that past week and needed a good boost of hydration and moisture! Definitely a good choice of products for drier skins or dehydrated skins. The products she used in this order were;
Moisture Repair Essence which was the serum
Moisture Lotion and then Moisture Barrier Cream
It is the pink range on the left that you can see in the picture above. I love the simplicity of the packaging!

Makeup time! She did my makeup with various different makeup products from the newest makeup collection from foundation to eyeshadows. The lady did a very natural basic look with gorgeous highlight and a bit of contouring! I was really happy with the look and how she created it! Their makeup brushes are extremely soft with their soft hairs. Each brush delivered gently and evenly!

Thank you for such an amazing experience Selfridges & Suqqu and can't wait for your next one!

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