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Revlon ColourBURST Lipgloss - Bellini & Peony ♥

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I wish their wasn't a Superdrug right outside my doorstep, because it is too tempting to look inside especially when they have them special offers on. Deary me, what has a girl gotta do to stop going in there.. Well one day I casually wandered in, not to buy anything! Just to be the nosey person I am and see if any new products with out! Then there they were, the lovely Revlon ColourBURST Lipgloss's. I tried to walk past, I promised I did! Then I thought about the video of "VelvetGh0st" when she spoke about the "Cheryl Nude" lipstick (which I bought aswell) & the two lip glosses to go with it.

They were on the stand, staring at me! Bellini & Peony. Somehow they walked out the store with me? Don't ask how that happened haha! So today I am going to talk about the gorgeous lipgloss's that I am currently loving because they are non-sticky and glide on perfectly

Peony is the one on the right of the picture above, along with Bellini next to it. Oh gosh which one to start with first has they are both extremely beautiful colours. Let's go with Peony has that one is first on the picture. This is a peachy shade with gorgeous gold shimmers in it. I have not a fan of a massive shimmer, although this one isn't overly shimmery and isn't in your face when it catches the light. The texture is lightweight and does not feel heavy at all on the lips. No stickiness or where it starts to build up in places and strings about all over your mouth yummy haha. When applying the product feels amazingly smooth and just slides on perfect. This gloss in particular, compared to Bellini is very much pigmented especially over lipsticks and it definitely adds that bit of glam if your off out on a girly night or just if you want to feel a bit more dressed up with a bit of shine!

Bellini Bellini Bellini, I love the name! It suits the colour so well. This one is the opposite of Peony. This has no shimmer, much more of a milky peach shade, maybe with a hint of pink. Very cooled toned compared to the others. If you have quite pigmented lips, this gloss is fab to tone down your lip shade. It gives your lips a hint of colour rather it being pigmented like Peony. You want to know what is gorgeous about this shade, the shine it gives on top of your lipsticks, it is fab! It makes your lips gleam and shine. So if you prefer your gloss to give you a hint of colour and a perfect shine then Bellini is made for you I think. The consistency of the lipgloss is the same has Peony, lightweight, smooth and non sticky!

These are such a good buy, I am really glad that VelvetGh0st recommended these on her youtube! They are fab, they last a good few hours, non sticky and just smooth. Also non of that build up on your lips and they are so hydrating on my lips! For only £7.99! Can't fault it one bit. Give your lips the gloss it needs hehe!

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Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation ♥

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It feels like it should be 8:00pm but infact it is only 3:50pm, I even had a nap! Today is going rather slow, but ay let's not complain because that means I can fit more beauty|makeup reviews today for you gorgeous readers that have supported me loads! Talking about slow, want to know about a foundation that stays on all day, and takes ages too even fade a tiny bit? Then keep on reading!

You may of seen a post a few days ago about Illamasqua haul that I posted? (If not just scroll down a little and come back when your ready). There was lots of things in that box that I received and one of the things I am going to talk about today is the Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation, sounds irresistible right? This is another beautiful foundation purchase that I am not disappointed about, I have worn it a few times and was immediately excited about it, and couldn't hold on another day to tell you all about it.

Why do you have two foundations Ashleigh Beauty? You are probably wondering! I purchased two shades with it being a online order and another reason is sometimes I wear a little bit of tan just to make myself look alive haha! Illamasqua have an amazing sale, not sure if it is still on now but always worth a try after you read this because I may tempt you. These Light Liquid Foundations were only £10, for a FULL size product. Take a minute to take that in, because it was rather shocking when I seen that too.

Let's get to the important bit! The coverage of this foundation can vary between a tinted moisturiser using your hands or a sponge to a perfect light-medium coverage with a buffing or stippling brush. It does depend on what you want to achieve at the end. It blends beautifully on my skin. It looks lush once applied has it perfectly evens out your skintone and gives your skin such a natural glowing finish. The foundation is really lightweight on the skin and doesn't feel like you are wearing any makeup, and also there is no greasy or oiliness lingering on the skin after you have applied. It is definitely not a matte finish nor is it dewy, I would say it is a satin finish that looks really natural on my skin. If you have any imperfections that you want to conceal then just simply use Illamasqua's concealer underneath and then apply this foundation if you want a lighter more natural look, has they work well together.

You need to know how long the lasting power is? I have some very good news, it lasts a good whole 8+ hours without the need to top up, pop any powder on, doesn't crease around my nose/eye areas! It looks like it doesn't fade at all on my skin which is amazing because my skin can be quite temperamental!

I have had no problems at all with this foundation, and I really do recommend you purchase it, hopefully if you catch the online sale, if you not it is definitely worth full price! Even though it might look like a tiny bottle, I can see this beauty lasting me a long time, has only pea size amount is needed. If you can though, make sure you get yourself to the nearest Illamasqua counter for a shade testing first, to make sure you get the perfect match!

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Thank You Ruevenue Magazine ♥

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This is a little post just to say a massive thank you to an amazing Magazine called “Ruevenue” which offered me to be one of their Beauty Editors! When I found out they wanted me to do work for them, I was amazed and so shocked that I was considered to be an editor for a NY magazine. I started in December, right at the beginning and because it meant so much to me I sent has much beauty work has I could to prove what I could do and how motivated I am.

Many more posts to be posted in 2014! So basically the magazine is about the latest fashion, beauty and style! Everything you need to know about the latest tips, tricks and ideas about fashion and beauty. They have looked after me well, and kept me updated all the time. We always stay in connect with each other via email.

They have been that good they treated me to some goodies that I received today, with some items that we can’t purchase in the UK! Here is a picture below of the items they gave to me and it was their favourite picks so I felt extra special. Can’t thank them enough and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings us! I suggest you check out their website which is > Ruevenue Magazine and their Instagram which is @/ruevenuemagazine, also find them on twitter @/ruevenue_mag.

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L'Oreal Collection Privee Lipstick Colour Riche by Doutzen "Doutzen's Nude" ♥

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Who doesn't love a nude lip! Every one of you has probably gone through a phase where you only wore nude with gorgeous lipgloss on top, I am probably right. I loved all nudes on my lips, from brown nudes to pink ones. I think the nude colour looks lush in spring and summer time and since that is our next season coming up thought I would do a lovely review about the L'Oreal Collection Privee lipstick by Doutzen in shade Doutzen's Nude! I need the whole collection but this one was the only shade in stock, and the only last one. I grabbed it before anyone spotted it woohoo!

So this range is mainly from each celebrity that has made their own Colour Riche lipsticks and matching Colour Riche nail varnishes which I haven't purchased yet! I will talk about my shade that I managed to get my hands on which is Doutzen's Nude a frosted baby pink shade which is irresistible. This shade is the lightest shade out of the collection.

I am going to mention the packaging first of all! It is super luxurious for a drugstore brand! I couldn't take my eyes of the gold and the simplicity of it all! The black matte casing and the gold trim is perfection! I personally would of bought this just because of the packaging, but I bought this because L'Oreal do amazing products that haven't disappointed me. Printed on each individual casing is the celebrity's signature which I think is really unique to the brand and unique to the packaging! Very classy.

This lipstick is definitely non-drying and a little bit hydrating on my lips, which is a big bonus for me because my lips can be a pain with lipsticks. Quite a frosty and sheer finish! Really impressed with the formula, and that the colour lasts such a good few hours of the day without the need to top up, which is obviously a girl's nightmare to keep topping up their lipstick throughout the day! I am impressed with it being so sheer and silky that it lasts such a long time! L'Oreal is always full of surprises!

Even though I have dark hair, I do love the baby pink colour especially in spring or summer! If you have light eyes or even fair hair then this will look stunning on you! A light shade with a creamy pink with a hint of frost. Very natural when applied but you can build it up to the intensity you want without it looking to overly pale or pink.

This lipstick is so easy to apply, it glides on so smooth! Use it straight from the applicator for instant colour! You should all grab yourselves these lipsticks! Special edition and they are just to beautiful not to have in your makeup bag. My aim is to get many more of the range so I have the whole collection.

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NARS Sheer Glow Foundation ♥

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Beautiful readers! I have brought to you today one of my newest and first foundation of 2014! I have never found such a glowing foundation! I have found foundations that claim that they give you radiance and glow but never actually satisfied me! NARS Sheer Glow foundation has been the most recommended foundation to give glow and radiance! I have been contemplating buying it even though there has been so many good reviews about it! Finally I treated myself to it finally and I am so impressed with everything about this product, from the packaging, to the texture and to the finish.

Extremely happy I have my hands on this! NARS have definitely thought about this product because the formula and texture is spot on. It covers imperfections, but leaving the finish quite natural and wonderful, yet so flawless. The texture is super creamy, lightweight liquid and dries perfectly without the need to wear powder. If you have more of an oilier skin then maybe a little powder is required. The texture leaves the skin looking glowing|luminous aand dewy without looking greasy at all! It is called "Sheer Glow" but it isn't overly dewy or even too glowy, also I wouldn't say it is very sheer. I reckon it is suitable for all skin types in my eyes.

It is a water based foundation, so do only pour a little out on your hand has it may dribble. So give it a good shake before use just to make sure everything is mixed together! With it being a water based foundation, it doesn't feel overly wet on the skin and doesn't take ages to dry on the skin, in-fact it sets really quickly. With my skin being dry personally, I love how hydrating it can be, even throughout the day. It apparently improves your skin's radiance and I definitely see the radiance has soon has I apply it.

I've mentioned previously that I have very dry to dry skin so I tend to have issue with certain foundations on my skin, but oh my this has a perfect longevity, has it's stayed on for good eight-nine hours without the need of touch ups and powder. I have shade Fiji, which is a light-medium yellow toned shade! Matches perfectly to my skintone, I really wasn't expecting it to be a spot on shade. I am actually surprised with their shade range, that there is quite a variation.

You should definitely purchase this foundation, but I would recommend to go to the nearest NARS counter to get colour matched to make sure you get the right shade for you!

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Illamasqua Powder Blushers in Allure & Ambition ♥

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I can't stay away from Illamasqua! & I think I am going to stay with them forever because you got to love a good blusher right? Well Illamasqua have the perfect pigmented blushers that you could think of! The colour range, the texture, the finish.. Everything about it is amazing so that is why I ended up buying two because I couldn't choose just one!

I purchased the two above, which are called Allure and Ambition! I absolutely loved these shades has they were quite plum|peach and I have been loving a good plum cheek recently especially during these cold months. I will start off with Allure shade which is the plummy shade out of the two! The picture below "Allure" is the one on the left.

The perfection is consistent throughout this product and can not fault it one bit! The texture of Allure is soft and very fine that the product just sticks to your brush after one sweep. The texture is that smooth and soft, when applying it, is beautiful to blend on any foundation. I am so impressed with this blusher, it is my new favourite blush that I would continuously buy. The pigment is really intense so you do have to make sure you apply with a little amount and build it up has you go! Once blended it looks even and it has small gold particles (that you can't really see in the picture) that add a gorgeous glow/radiance to your cheeks! It isn't too shimmery, just the perfect amount. I love everything about this colour and I have been wearing to work and it lasts a good eight hours before it starts to fade!

The next gorgeous colour which is in the right picture is Ambition! Slightly pinkier than the other shade, a lot more girlie but ay, you need some pink in your life! The texture again is light, soft and fine, it almost feels like it is baked formula. The texture makes it so easy to apply and to blend. Even though it is an amazing pigment, it doesn't have that much colour like Allure due to it being lighter! This is a pink-plum and think it would look gorgeous on most skintones! Again this has gold particles in which are not overpowering, just enough to have natural radiant cheeks.

These are my new holy grail blushers of 2014. You can purchase these for £18 either online or at a Illamasqua website! Definitely shades that I will always have in my makeup bag. The packaging is mysterious and I love how unique this brand is and I really think you should check out their makeup!

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Illamasqua Haul ♥

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Afternoon my lovely blog readers! Well this is going to be a tiny post, mainly pictures has I will individually review them all! Illamasqua, oh have I fell in love with you. Their makeup is divine and their packaging is so mysterious! I am their newly number one fan. Hence all the makeup I have bought from them below! There was an amazing sale on the Illamasqua website! I ended up buying two foundations, two concealers, two cream foundations and also a mascara for £60, call that a saving! Enjoy the pictures.

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Soap & Glory New Year Haul ♥

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Hope everyone's new year is going good still and you have all stuck to your resolutions! I have, I have stuck to my healthy foods with no chocolate, crisps or junk for 5 days! Pretty proud of myself.. Let's stop talking about food because it will make me hungry BUT let's talk about food that is good for your skin! Your skin needs nourishment and hydration just like our tummies do! I went to Boots today, and seen they had 1/2 price! I had a lovely gander and see that there was a massive, unbelievable collection of Soap & Glory goodies for just £10! Yes £10! It should of been £20 and I couldn't resist such a bargain. I am never one to find bargains and to find so many this year has surprised me a lot! Here are the goodies in a pile! Just to let you know I have used all these products before!

It did come in a box but it was rather a tad big to fit in the photo, so I took it out of the packaging, so after this post if you want it then look for these goodies inside in a very large pink box! The products are delicious, it was the packaging that attracted me to soap and glory when I purchased my very first product, now I have a collection growing haha!

I shall work left to right in the picture above so you know what is what and what it does!

Pink Shower Puff, can't tell you how many of these I have from Soap and Glory! It is super soft and a gentle material on the skin but at the end of your scrub it does feel like you have had a good wash. You only need a drop of soap and it lathers up so well!

The Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub which is in the pink tube. I love a good scrub in the bath routine, to get away all that flaky skin and them dead skin cells! This is a very gentle scrub, it isn't your normal gritty scrub which can be quite harsh on some skins especially mines! So this is perfect for me because it has the texture of a body wash with scrub bits in! Perfect for our sensitive souls.

Clean On Me Body Wash in the white giant pump! This is definitely value for money if you was to buy this on it's own. It lasts such a long long time! For a body wash it is surely moisturising on the skin with it's natural ingredients! Gorgeous silky product that can be used on any skin type.

I have three tubs of the Righteous Butter Body Butter. I can not get enough! Such a velvety cream that you only need to apply on once and it keeps me hydrated all day! After using the scrub of life body scrub and then using this body butter then your skin feels instantly smooth and silky! The fruity fragrance isn't too over powering either which is a bonus!

Hair Turban Wrap! SO HAPPY, this was in there because I needed a good hair wrap. This hair wrap is so much easier to use, because it ties your hair up in one neat wrap. No hair bits falling out, tight and comfortable for any short to medium hair lengths I would say. I love the print on this too, so lovely and girly.

Ah can't forget the cute hand and foot creams, these are the miniature sizes which aren't bad at all considering you only use a small amount anyway! I will start off with Hand Food, I have had hand cream after hand cream and don't get anywhere with them but with Soap & Glory I did. It is a perfect hand cream because it doesn't leave your hands slimy or sticky, which is a very good thing because you do things with your hands haha!

Heel Genius, the names they call these products are genius and infact very catchy. This is a foot cream which you may of guessed by the name. Gorgeous scent and such a gorgeous texture! Again the texture is lush, you don't end up with sticky, slimy feet! The scent is lovely and makes your feet smell lovely and fresh!

Grab this before it is too late! Perfect deal and you are saving so much money! Head to a Boots store near you and fingers crossed they have these. You can't buy it online unfortunately which is a pain but ah well! If you can't find this in your Boots they have more soap and glory bargains. Good Luck!

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