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I really need to become a health freak again! When it is weekends I seem to think it's okay to eat junk haha! Ay the odd little bit won't hurt once or twice a week! Nice to have a cheat day (in my case days!). I never want to restrict myself from food though, if I want to eat it, I will! Just not too much of it.. Well TheFitGirlRules kindly sent me their shakers the other week to try out because they want to inspire women, also men with their nutrition and health! So I thought it was a lovely idea to do a review about them.

Let's talk packaging first, because this is the most gorgeous bit of it all! The pastel colours and the simplicity is spot on! Really good choice of colours especially for ladies! At least men can have a pick of the green one too. Colours I think are chosen very well, not your usually type of packaging or colours you see on shakers. The sizing is perfect, easy to handle and to carry. I prefer smaller shakers than the larger ones, because even though your drinking the same amount of shake or whatever you might be drinking, the smaller size doesn't seem as much!

You get the Metal BlenderBall whisk with it too! With the size of the shaker and the size of the whisk, they make any shake mix smooth and creamy! I have had shakers in the past which don't shake very well and they are still bitty! If you know what I mean. With this shaker it is spot on, even when I put ice in it too, doesn't ruin it at all. Even thicker powders mix with ease.

These are amazing to have your protein shakes, carry water or any other drinks. You can also use it to store dried fruit or little snacks to carry around with you, which is quite handy. Depending what your carrying, there is a "carrying loop" so you can attach it to your bag, clothes whilst exercising or just walking around.

I am very happy with these shakers and truly appreciate being able to review them! Since receiving them, I have drank every possible thing you could think of in it, from milkshake to protein shake to simple juice! For just £8.50 that is a very amazing price to purchase a shaker. I have seen shakers out there for a ridiculous amount BUT this is affordable, it mixes to perfection and versatile! Thank you!

You can purchase your pink or green shaker here!

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