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It has been a crazy two weeks again and I keep disappearing from you all so I do apologise again. Since moving out, I need to be kind to my purse but also be kind to my skin too! Simple Skincare I used a good few years ago and then since blogging I have tried a whole new range of products and brands. One day I woke up realised that my last bit of skincare has ran out! I needed something quick because my skin is super dry and sensitive so if I don't have any moisturiser on my skin, I hear it begging for moisture and hydration especially during winter times.

It is pretty handy having a Superdrug underneath my apartments. I purchased the "Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser" & the "Simple Soothing Eye Balm". The two most needed face products for myself. I can't remember trying these in the past so thought I would give it ago and see what they're ike.

"Replenishing Rich Moisturiser" is £3.99 so it is very affordable skincare. I love a good rich texture and when you spread the moisturiser out, you do actually think "This is RICH!". I have dry skin so it does sink in fairly quickly but if you have normal-oily combination skin, it might feel although it is just sitting on top but give it a good pat and it will soak right in!

I do apply this straight after cleansed skin, put a blog on my fingertips and do a dollop on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then massage thoroughly all over. My forehead and cheeks can be the driest parts so I do need to put a tad bit more on them areas to make sure they get much more hydration and moisture. If I have applied to much, I then just rub it down my neck too, give that a little treatment too!

After using this for at least two weeks maybe longer actually, it has worked wonders on keeping my skin supple and moisturised. Very good for sensitive skins because it is colourless and scent-less and all of it is true. If you struggle from sensitive or dry skin like me then this would be ideal and perfect for you. It is not tacky or sticky which is a bonus because sometimes I don't like just waiting for my moisturiser to soak in when I could be half way through my foundation ready to go out.

Next, my favourite out of the two "Soothing Eye Balm". I love a good eye cream but in this case an "Eye Balm", it surely is one of the best and cheapest eye creams I have come across. I use this day and night, can't get enough of it. Just like the rest of the range, it is fragrance free and also colourless which is good, because round the eyes can be more sensitive and prone to allergic reactions. It absorbs very well and I think it really soothes around the eye and helps with any dry areas around the eye but I have noticed less puffiness and dark circles since using this for two weeks. Having dark circles really does bother me, I know it shouldn't but ay we all have little things we don't like but I am super happy that I feel more confident without the need to put lots of concealer on! YAY.

These two products are extremely lovely and think these should be on your christmas list, either for a friend or family. Used has a stocking filler! For the price you purchase these, they definitely do the trick and work wonders. Thank you Simple, for being simple.

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  1. I've tried the moisturiser and it's really nice, perfect drugstore moisturiser.xx

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