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Lip Voltage! May of heard about it, you may not of. This product has been a craze since it launched, a lot of girls I know always talk about this product, always wanting to find out the reviews about it so it is only fair I share mine with you today. Not going to lie, I have always wanted juicy lips with a perfect pout, sure every lady has been through this stage. Therefore I have wanted to try "Lip Voltage" for such a long time, because never wanted lip filler injections or anything pumped into my skin haha! This is an amazing product if you want really plump lips without the need of injections!

Seeing before and after pictures myself, they all look amazing and I really needed to get my hands on some! Which I did from "Dazzling Ladies" online beauty boutique shop. Once you receive your "Lip Voltage" you will get the lip gloss and a syringe which is half full of collagen which is used on your lips to make them a lot fuller. The syringe with the formula is definitely important and is the product that makes your lip look different.

There is warning on his product and to NOT apply the syringe formula directly onto the lips. The instructions tell you to either use 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3ml of the formula into your lip gloss whether it be your own or the one it comes with blend for 20 seconds then leave to stand for 30 seconds. Once the collagen as kicked in you then ready to use.

The pain is quite crazy, probably the most uncomfortable bit of it all but if you want big juicy lips then you can bare with it! I haven't felt pain on my lips like this, even your normal plumpers don't even match the tingling sensation! A very good product but you are best to practice your pain threshold haha! It isn't as bad as I am making it sound but you do definitely definitely feel it. When you apply it, there isn't much tingle until a few minutes later it hits you and it does really build up. If it is too uncomfortable then simply get a wet towel and wipe it off.

Here is my after shot, my before just wasn't happening but you can see they are very bigger than usual! You do see amazing results, I think it is worth every penny and girls have gotta do what they gotta do to make their lips bigger. This is much better than doing any type of surgical treatments or fillers etc. Your saving pennies and your not stuck with it for a long time, you can just apply when you want them lips to POP. Overall I do recommend "Lip Voltage" but do start of small then gradually build it up if you wanted to, or you can dive in the deep end with 0.2 like I did ha!

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2 comments on "Lip Voltage Review | Dazzling Ladies ♥"
  1. This sounds extreme! Haha I might give this ago although the 'pain' does make it sound a bit scary! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. It does sound extreme but it is amazing, there is a little trick, if you put like plain lip balm on first the tingle isn't as bad but it still works, but it is so good! xxx


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