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Some of you may know, if you follow me on twitter, I had a lovely trip to Newcastle visiting the "Dazzling Ladies". They do home treatments and also have an online shop which will be launching shortly! So keep your eyes open for that. Today I had a lovely pamper, which consisted of "Laser Teeth Whitening" & "Shrink Violet Wrap". Today I'm going to tell you about the Laser Teeth Whitening!

It was quite an experience using UV lightening process, has I have never had anything like this before. I have always dreamed of having my teeth whitened. Today was the day it come true. Leanne the lady who does the treatments made sure I was comfortable and explained the procedure thoroughly so I understood what exactly was going to happen.

The treatment was quite quick considering it was 45 minutes but it was easy and painless. Firstly she put a mouth guard which opens your mouth slightly wider haha, out of all the treatment this was the most unusual and uncomfortable but it was bearable haha! It was just my mouth wasn't used to this position. Leanne shaded my teeth at a shade 26 which made me realise my teeth weren't has white as I thought they were oops! Leanne then applied a gum guard/barrier to protect them then told me to touch my teeth together to then apply the whitening gel. The UV was then applied over my teeth then had x3 15 minutes shots, and inbetween each shot more whitening gel was applied. Sat back & relaxed.

By the last 15 minutes, I was super excited to see how white my teeth were. The results that I have previously seen on other clients have been amazing and was really hoping I had the same difference. Once I was done, I was told to remove the retainer, rinse my mouth out with fresh water and then gentle remove the gum barrier which was very easy. I looked into the mirror and I was amazed! They were some pearly whites facing back at me. Leanne then re-shaded me at a 16, that's 10 shades lighter WOW!. I was so happy.

I stayed away from any sort of coloured foods, anything that could potentially colour my teeth. This treatment carries on working 24+ hours after treatment so I ate mainly white foods, such as chicken, white carbs, colourless fruit/veg for at least two days. The main thing I was happy about was my teeth were NOT sensitive to anything, they were absolutely fine. I'm not a fan of dentists and know quite a few of my girls that are like that and this was the most easiest and relaxed teeth treatment I have ever had. Thank you Dazzling Ladies for a very good treatment and result.

Also featured on "Dazzaling Ladies Website" to read and view their website.

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