Maybelline UK - "Nude Illusion" Colour Drama Lip Pencil & Colour Elixir creating an Inspired "Kylie Jenner" Lip ♥

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Happy Sunday! Hope you got your morning hot chocolates ready with your Sunday breakfasts too! I will be going on a BRUNCH today with my parents, has I am moving out to my own apartment tomorrow with my lovely friend Danu! I might put a post of my day later today if you fancy having a read haha. Take a sip of your hot chocolate, relax and read how you could get a lovely Kylie Jenner nude lip! It has been a blogger craze to achieve this look! To be honest I haven't got it spot on but it is money friendly and it is pretty much close enough. I used "Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil" and also to add a bit of shine "Colour Elixir", both in the shade "Nude Illusion"..

I absolutely love this colour, I bought it because when I did a little swatch on my hand in store I fall in love not realising by the time I got home it is a very good dupe to create the Kylie Jenner lip! I know most of you have been looking for a good match and I would say this is close enough spot on. First I used "Maybelline Colour Drama, Intense Velvet Lip Pencil", it is indeed a chunky lip pencil. You can still line your lips perfectly if you wanted to however I used this to shade in my whole lip. To get the full lip that Kylie does, I just drew over my lips by a tiny bit to make them look extra juicy haha. Oh boy is this a gorgeous finish and when it says "Intense", it means INTENSE. The pigmentation is far the best pigmentation I have seen in a long time. This is basically a lipstick in pencil form, it is wonderful. These are so comfortable to wear, I do have dry lips especially when it is now getting colder into Winter and I feel like they are moisturising on my lips considering it leaves the finish quite matte.

The only thing I need to buy is a pencil sharpener to fit these beaut in haha. You can tell in the pictures above it is becoming quite blunt now because I have been using it EVERYDAY, yes EVERYDAY. I am that in love, you would be crazy if you didn't. Ladies you don't have to put the "Colour Elixir on top because Kylie Jenner doesn't use anything else. However I can also give you a review about this too! When I'm feeling creative and happy one day I will put a little bit of the Elixir in the centre of my lips to add a bit of a 3D shine. It is quite a treat this product, on top of lip colour or without. The feathery brush feels amazing and so soft when applied, doesn't leave a slight tacky or sticky feeling after which is the biggest BONUS for me. The lipstick in gloss form I would say this is, almost feels like a liquid lip balm. However it isn't as pigmented as the lip pencil but still gives a good colour & hydrates your lips at the same time.

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1 comment on "Maybelline UK - "Nude Illusion" Colour Drama Lip Pencil & Colour Elixir creating an Inspired "Kylie Jenner" Lip ♥"
  1. I've never seen these in store but I really want to go to boots and swatch these! Such a beautiful lip combo I love it! I also did a kylie jenner inspired look on my blog using the rimmel Kate moss lipstick on 08! Xx


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