Maybelline Stripped Nude Colour Sensational Lipstick - Nude Collection | Tantalizing Taupe & Honey Beige ♥

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Well hello there my magical and beautiful people! Two posts in the matter of one day, very lucky moment right here. I am extremely happy that Maybelline have brought out this exquisite nude lipstick range, oh the colours make my heart melt hah! When you find your perfect nude it does open whole new doors haha! Lipsticks from Maybelline never disappoint me, they are very good. If you are like me and you love a good nude then just carry on reading about the gorgeous "Colour Sensational Lipstick, Tantalizing Taupe & Honey Beige" by Maybelline.

The formula is gorgeously smooth, very pigmented considering they're nude colours but leave a lovely glossy finish. The colours I have chosen are colours that I enjoy to wear everyday now. Maybelline have released quite a lot of nude colours so you will hopefully find one that you will fall in love at first apply haha! Maybelline always have such a moisturising feel to their lipsticks & that same formula are in these too, so I find it really comfortable to wear every single day. Another reason I love their formula is because you don't have to keep messing about applying it every 1-3 hours, it stays on so nice throughout the day.

My two most favourite out of the range were "Tantalizing Taupe" & "Honey Beige" but don't get me wrong they are all beautiful, every single one of them. They are beautiful! I will start with Tantalizing Taupe which is a lovely neutral beige pink! It does have a hint of pink but it still stays quite warm on the lips and I would say this particular lipstick would suit all skin types. Honey Beige however is quite darker in tone than the other one but it is a creamy pink-brown shade which I would say would suit medium skin tones.

Definitely recommend these beautiful colours & I will be purchasing some more from the collection because who wouldn't? They have done well to cater to all skin tones and lip types because there is such a large range of skin tones. Well done Maybelline I am super happy with these, can't wait what you bring out next!

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2 comments on "Maybelline Stripped Nude Colour Sensational Lipstick - Nude Collection | Tantalizing Taupe & Honey Beige ♥"
  1. These shades are gorgeous! I'll definitely be picking some up soon, I need a new nude lipstick xx

  2. Thanks for a really helpful review - great that you show the colours on your skin. Just what I was looking for to help me choose when buying online. Your website looks great too - first time I've visited.


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