L'Oreal Elvive - Fibrology Thickening Hair Care Product Review ♥

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Evening, it is midnight and I fancy doing a bit of a blog post due to me not doing one in absolute AGES! Since moving out, I have been a constant busy bee and literally not had chance to focus on my blog but ay, I'm back again with a gorgeous hair care review today by L'Oreal! If you read my posts quite often you will know what love I have for L'Oreal products, but today it is not makeup but something that will make your hair super thick! YES .. carry on reading to find out what all the fuzz is about the new "L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology" products that are going crazy in Superdrug.

I bought the whole range, including the mask and the thickness booster. I have seen these products everywhere, where you could imagine. Magazines, newspapers, posters, in store! This as been a massive craze. So this is their latest hair product and I LARRRVE it. They finally launched "Fibrology" - a range that includes your normal shampoo and conditioner, masque and hair treatment|booster. They say it penetrates the hair to make it thicker. The thickness that you feel after washing is long-lasting, remains there for a good week or so but if you constantly use this type of treatment you will see long-term progression in your hair with these products, in my eyes. My hair is uber fine! I mean fine! Did it help make it thicker? YES.

There is a lot of technical research that as gone into this product but I just want to tell you what I love about this range and your probably just reading this to find out "does it work Ashleigh?" well the answer is indeed YES.. Never come across a shampoo or conditioner that actually makes your hair look and feel much thicker.

Firstly you wash your hair with the "Shampoo". With this, you only need the tiniest amount because it lathers into your hair so well and it is quite effective to remove any sort of build up of hair spray, heat spray, what ever you have spritzed in your hair them few days. It does literally make your hair squeaky clean.

The "Conditioner" is so silky and smooth to apply and quite easy to put all over. I do feel after using the conditioner alone on my first wash, it was quite effective. I left the conditioner in for about three minutes to make sure it has soaked straight each hair strand. Once I rinsed, dried and styled my hair, I could instantly feel that my hair was a little thicker already. There was visible volume and fullness definitely, I was amazed!

Just using them to products, my hair really felt lovely and lavish. Which I wasn't expecting after one wash! The range also contains the "Thickness Booster" which is added to the mask or conditioner. This gave my hair an extra boost of volume and thickness, it was unbelievable! You apply it all over and then apply either the mask/conditioner after. It didn't leave any sort of sticky residue when dried & styled. It didn't even feel heavy either which is amazing because I have had other booster treatments in the past which have left my hair feeling sticky, heavy and overall not good texture either. My hair still felt like mine but better and natural.

The other add on is "Fibrology Mask Pot" is beautiful texture. Just like any mask it really gives your hair a deep treatment, in this case full of thickness! It has the same thickness technology to maximise the thickness of your natural hair.

I absolutely love this range, it saves me purchasing extensions when I can use this and get thicker hair after a few washes. The collection ranges from £3-5+ so it is affordable and it does the job!

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2 comments on "L'Oreal Elvive - Fibrology Thickening Hair Care Product Review ♥"
  1. these products look great, loving your zoella products too xx


  2. They are really nice products. I love the L'Oreal shampoo range.



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