Giorgio Armani - Si Eau De Parfum Perfume ♥

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Sorry I haven't been blogging the past few days, been extremely busy moving into me and my friend apartment! It is super lush. I should be doing a pamper blog with me and my fellow beauty Paige Paris so you can have a look round my new pad. As you can probably see, there will be a slight change with my layout of my photography, I will try and keep it quite similar just for you lovelies.. Quick question, do I love my beauty readers? . Am I thankful for all your support? . Do I love the Giorgio Armani Sì Fragrance? ! Haha. I had a lovely L'Oreal training with my agency team & we were given this beautiful, girly fragrance "" by Giorgia Armani. I am super happy that we were all given this because it is one of my favourite fragrances, very pretty and very elegant. Scrumptious is what I'd call it! Because I don't do many reviews on fragrance, I think it is about time I do another one don't ya think!?

It is the latest and one of the best selling feminine fragrances out there in my eyes. Very unusual but gorgeous fragrance that I own now, I adore the scent and everything from the gold detail around the lid. Quite a dominant scent when you first spray but soon settles into a sweet soft fragrance. Sì is a Chypre scent, which is means it has a contrast between Citrus and Woody/Musky notes. It is a warm scent with a hint of floral but with there being Vanilla & Blackberry I can definitely smell these. Unique is written all over this bottle, I haven't quite smelt anything like it to be honest. You would use this for an occasion or nights out because of the type of scent but I can't resist so I use this everyday. When I say long-lasting I mean it is long-lasting, you may get a whole day without the need to top up like me!

It is quite hard to review a fragrance because each is to their own and fragrances are more personal than a lipstick or a blusher. However I must tell you to try this in store and even get a little sample to try throughout the day. You will not regret it at all, I love spraying this just before going to work or my girls!

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1 comment on "Giorgio Armani - Si Eau De Parfum Perfume ♥"
  1. I have smelt this and it is an AMAZING scent!


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