Simple, Everyday Makeup Routine|Tutorial ♥

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I thought, since I have bought a lot of L'Oreal recently thought I would co-operate it into my "Simple Everday Makeup" blog post. Less is more and I know I understand that statement haha. This look you could dress it up or keep it short and sweet for work, school, shopping, meeting your boyfriend maybe ay ay ;)!

Mostly did this blog in pictures rather than blabbing on and on, so I inserted little paragraphs on the pictures to make it just has simple as the makeup! I really hope you lovely readers are okay and sorry for a massive delay in posts! I have been a busy busy bee.

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5 comments on "Simple, Everyday Makeup Routine|Tutorial ♥"
  1. Really good post and a fab way of doing this kind of post! I love the look of the mascara wand...I bet it grabs your lashes really well :-)

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. Thankyou, thought I would do a twist on the layout for a routine. The mascara's are the best, L'Oreal never disappoint me with their products.

  2. Really pretty look, and I love the layout of this post.

    1. Aw thank you, really appreciate it xxxx


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