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Talk about volume on a monday morning! Been out with the girls weekend, so you need to wash all that hairspray and mousse out and your hair is now terribly FLAT. Like mine always is. Well the monday morning cure is here just like the cup of coffee is to wake you up. SHOW Beauty is very popular for their rose gold, sophisticated girly packaging. If you want voluminous hair then be sure to carry on reading.

At first glance the packaging is pretty gorgeous right? It is gorgeous, shiny and very classy I must say. It has a set classy black, rose old and some crystal silver to the more LUX products and it does look and feel expensive on your dressing table. Certainly adds that bit of glam on your desk.

The Lux Volume Mist from "SHOW Beauty" is beautiful, all their products are amazing when I have tried them here and there. With this product your either apply on wet hair and blast with a hairdryer whilst styling or if your rushing to nip out and want to add spritz without needing to wash your hair, then apply to your roots and blast with the hairdryer whilst styling too and it will stay. Must I say there is a LOT of visible volume and fullness. You can see straight away there's some umph! to your hair. It is a very good "spray and your done" type of product.

I'm not much of a hair stylist, I can straighten my hair and maybe the odd wave haha so this product is super amazing for me because it adds volume without the need of being difficult. I don't use a fancy hair dryer nozzle or styling brushes, blow and give my head a shake and I am good to carry on with my day.

It holds very well throughout the day and even for the next day if you don't decide to wash your hair haha. The formula is not tacky at all and doesn't make your hair smell like hair salon hairspray ! Quite fruit to be honest because of the Lychee extracts in it to control fading of colour treated hair, it as a blend extract of aloe vera, lavender, mango, kiwi and ginger lily with Argan Oil encases every hair, providing all–over fullness with a hint of shine which is very noticeable especially when this product as been applied to your hair when wet.

I do want ALL of the SHOW Beauty range because it is beautifully scented, leaves your hair feeling super soft after product and it does exactly what it is meant to do! Click here to see the full range of SHOW Beauty!

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  1. Gosh, how pretty is that packaging? I'm such a volume seaker for haircare products, I need to check this out! xx

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