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I am always on the hunt for a really good "drugstore" foundation that really suits my skin, that perfect one that lets me use it throughout the day but amazing coverage for a night out with the girls. This summer has been really strange and it has not took kindly to my skin! I have had times during August where my skin has been a nightmare and had really dry and dehydrated skin causing my skin to look lovely and grey also. Not sure why? All my foundations that I already have, decided to look grey on me or look to pinky, OH and to top it off my tan from my holiday as now faded. I didn't want to spend pennies that I don't really have to be truthful haha, so I went to the L'Oreal counter because I can always rely on them.

This foundation, "L'Oreal True Match Foundation" is BEAUTI-I-FUL! A really silky and luminous finish. It is divine, and sits lovely on my skin, even on my dry patches that were easily noticed with any other foundation. This foundation doesn't cling on them areas, so it does feel comfortable to wear and I am not paranoid about it at all woohoo!

True Match foundation is a great light to build-able medium coverage. Perfect for a everyday foundation but if you like to go out with your girls and want a bit more coverage then this will also do the job! With my eczema I tend to get the odd red areas and a tiny bit of pigmentation, this foundation covers it all up with 1-2 layers so I don't look overly made up.

The formula is a gorgeous creamy liquid and long wearing, most of you girls may shout at me but I really did put this foundation to the test BUT I do advise not to do it yourselves. I thought I would wear this foundation throughout the day and sleep in it. May I say that this foundation DID not budge, smudge, fade, patch! When I realised this, I was absolutely amazed.. I washed it off straight away with ease, no trouble cleansing it off. The lasting power is very good, I didn't feel the need to top up, it looks flawless for over 12 hours possibly longer. It passes with flying colours, I recommend this foundation just for the lasting powder of it.

You can probably see that there is two different shades in the pictures, well! I was unsure of the shade because they had no testers so didn't want to pick just one, but what was really good, next to the products there is a chart that you can use to pick your shade. With my tan fading I purchased W1 Golden Ivory and W3 Golden Beige! There isn't much difference between the two, just W1 is slightly cooler. There are plenty of shades to choose from, I think there is 20, you will all be able to find one. Both shades that I bought actually fit my skin perfectly!

I am super happy to say that I LOVE this product, for £10.99 I think it was, you can't go wrong! Such a flawless perfect purchase and I think I will be using this everyday and night without a doubt. Thank you so much L'Oreal for such an amazing foundation.

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9 comments on "L'Oreal True Match "The Foundation" ♥"
  1. I have been wanting to try out this foundation, do you know if it is okay if you suffer with an oily t-zone?? Love that Crownbrush Syntho brush too hehe ;) xxx

    1. It is quite matte so on oily skin I think it would be just as perfect & thank you I absolutely love the brush to, really good to blend with that brush too xx

  2. I prefer something a bit more dewy, but this does sound lovely if i'm a bit oily! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. To make mine quite dewy, I just have a finishing spray and it looks perfect. MAC Fix+ spray or Dermologica's Ultracalming mist <3 best to make this foundation look flawlessly dewy xxx

  3. It is a lovely foundation, and really does make your skin look flawless.


    1. It really does, for just £10.99 you can't go wrong. Such beauty <3 xx

  4. I love the look of this foundation, it looks so great xx


    1. You need to try it, just the best drugstore foundation I have bought in a very long time xx

  5. Your blog is incredible! I love your pictures and your review! I just started following you <3



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