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Give me a good mascara & I will be happy. Throw mascaras my way and as long as they are amazing then I'm happy. I love a good lash, good length and of course volume, my lashes are tiny and I look almost naked without mascara on, so I have finally found an amazing ordinary mascara and YES it's L'Oreal!

It would be wrong of me not to share my amazing experience of this mascara! First of all it is affordable, that is a plus! It is rare you get an affordable mascara that actually works on my lashes! Most my friends have tried this mascara and they are in love with it. I honestly think this mascara works wonders. I fell in love with their ordinary "Telescopic" mascara so I thought it was time to try their "False Lash Telescopic". I think in my eyes you are guaranteed a good lash with easy application of one or two coats rather than layering and layering like I have done in the past with other mascaras. Quite a sophisticated lash haha!

I must be one of the last people to review this, so you may of seen amazing reviews about it already. I think this mascara as been released before and they re-launched in new packaging and new formula, I never got to try the previous one so I can't comment on the two.

Cracking on with "FLTM", to long to type! Gives you such a beautiful fluttery natural-looking lash from the first application. I find it difficult to make it clumpy, (not like I want it too). I do love the volume it gives once you go onto your second application, just to plump it up and make it darker. For a drugstore mascara it is superb, super black and holds onto your lashes perfectly and lasting power is a big thumbs up.

The brush wand, is slighly rubbery, because of it's flexibility when you apply. The double spikes makes life so much easier when combing through your lash, no stickiness, or difficulty in putting more than one coat on. With this mascara there are fibres which stick to your lashes as you apply to help your lashes become longer. Far the best lengthening mascara I have come across and really happy it is L'Oreal too, they never ever disappoint me. The finished look is lovely, makes your eyes POP, rarely get any fall out with this mascara and it is super soft on the natural lash.

I will be re-purchasing and re-purchasing, I am considering to have a stock up just because it's that good. 10/10 score, never had such an easy application with a mascara and half the price at £10.99, it beats your high street mascaras.

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3 comments on "L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara ♥"
  1. This is my all time favourite mascara, you can't beat it in my opinion! Great review :)


  2. That mascara sounds great! I love your blog! Xx

    Beauty Girl

  3. I must try this! Lovely post :)

    ♡ Heidi || http://thebritishteen.blogspot.com ♡


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