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Afternoon again my yummy spongecakes! That was completely random but ay it is FRIDAY. Means one thing, weekend and giggles! On this lovely friday afternoon & it is surprisingly sunny too, I thought I would show you a peach nude lip combo. Every lady loves a lip combo, I sure do! You know your lips looks HOT when you have all three matching liner, colour and gloss! Laura Mercier always have the perfect matching combos. Don't get me wrong I love a good red lip but I have been moving to the nude side. Sometimes pinks can make me look ill depending what the tone is but beige nudes can blend in with my skin. I chose very well with these beauties.

Firstly you use the lip pencil, which I have in the shade "Praline". I usually colour my whole lips depending how I feel, I never usually just line them. My lips tend to bleed lip colour quite often so when I apply the pencil all over it does help prevent it from happening. For a lip pencil it is very silky and smooth to apply on, almost creamy but with a matte finish. The pigment is spot on!

The matching lip colour, the most important product of the three! The LIPSTICK. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in "Peche". The formula is gorgeous, almost creamy with a lovely sheen to it. I can definitely say it is long lasting on me, doesn't dry out on my lips. I constantly worry about creamy formulas especially with my dry lips, it can come uneven or bleed. With the lipstick it does not budge and it looks the same as I applied it few hours before. There is no shimmer or anything like that so that is a bonus for me. If you have quite tanned skin it can look nude, on slightly paler skin tones it may look more peachy than nude, I love it either way.

The last extra touch! I am not a lipgloss chick, not a big fan. However if I come across a good gloss I will purchase it and will wear it. If you do see lip gloss posts then they have been very lucky haha. Don't like the stickyness, when the wind blows in your face and gets all up in your gloss! BUT BUT BUT Laura Mercier Lip Glace in "Sparkling" is very very nice I must say. Even though it is called "Sparkling" it is not excessively sparkling where you will glisten in the dark! I apply a very small amount onto the centre of my lips just to add a bit more of a plump 3D look. It isn't very sticky, lovely shine and for a gloss, lasts a long time! Much paler than the lip stick in colour but still a perfect match when applied over the top.

Hope you love this combo because I surely do! Please let me know any of your lip combos and post your link below because I am always on the look for a good combo. Make them lips look kissable ladies.

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2 comments on "Laura Mercier Peach Nude Combo ♥"
  1. I'm a teenager, so nude is my FAVOURITE colour to wear on lips and generally everywhere! I love it, I'm definitely going to check these pieces out! xx

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