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Happy September! Three days in and I am having the best beginning to the month! Most of ladies have requested to do a nail routine on my blog, so I thought "Well my nails need doing and I have been using gels, so why not show you what and how I do it" - I purchased the "Red Carpet" range and products, so the lamp, the gel colours and the structure and oils, pretty much everything.

I started off prepping my space, I plug in the lamp which I bought has a set which included all the erase/purify bottles, prep, structure, top coat and oil along with a free red gel colour. I make sure everything is set up, neat and ready to go along with the colour I want to put on!

I apologise that the background to the pictures aren't the same or pretty like they usually are haha just because I do my nails on the floor, it's flat and easier to paint my nails and place the lamp straight. Firstly I use the "Erase" bottle to take off any colour on my nails, make sure it is a definite clean base. Just to let you know I peeled the gel off my nails last night which you are NOT allowed to do due to it taking a THIRD of your nail bed OFF, it was late at night and I was bored. After I have erased any oils and bits of gel from the previous paint. SecondI file my nails down with a normal emery board! Salons ones are better but your ordinary 5Op one will do the trick. With me I like my nails short and very straight with gel nails but do them just how you like them!

Thirdly I file down the nail bed, make sure any ridges are thin layers of nail is sticking up. I LOVE doing this just because it makes sure no product is lay on your nail which could cause the gel polish not to sit right on the nail. I bought this from Boots, it is like a 6 way file. I use the roughest side for it, make it super smooth!

After doing that, Fourth is cuticle time, I love love having no cuticles haha, everyone is different. Either non-existent or very small amount of cuticle. It makes your nails look longer and cleaner.

Once you have scrubbed, filed and cleaned everything, you then need to Fifthly prep your nails. It absorbs super quick on your nails, you only need a tiny amount because it spreads throughout the nail. It is essential you use this Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer, prior to your base coat. Gives you better finish, better results & removes any sort of residue of any product or oil on the nails. Sanitizer for your nails, simple hehe!

For the Sixth step you apply the Structure Base Coat, I would say do two nails a time, because you don't want this gel to shrink on your nails before you cure it under the LED lamp. If you have this lamp then you cure each nail for 45 seconds, but don't worry this lamp has a automatic timer but not quite sure about other lamps if they have the same feature! You simply paint this onto your nail like you would with any nail polish. Try not to touch anything after you cured it because if you accidentally touch the Structure coat you might leave a mark because it is still a bit sticky. Just a little something, if you have weak nails or if you didn't take your previous gels off correctly, (like I did) or recently had acrylics then when you cure this coat you may feel a tingling burning sensation on the nail! This happens whether you do it in a salon or at home, all it means is your nail bed is weak but once you do it and you take it off correctly and stop having acrylics you will barely feel a thing!

When you do every single nail, the Seventh is to use a coloured gel polish that you want! Be sure to test a nail because some colours especially this one I used on here didn't match the bottle, so if you have a little bit of plastic just cure the plastic or nail ring to check the shade it turns into. Apply a THIN layer of colour to one/two nails at a time, because again you don't want the gel to shrink before it is cured. Cure it under the LED lamp for 45 seconds and repeat if you want more coats. I do apply three coats max because I like them quite thick and very pigmented. If you find it bubbles a bit just cure it for longer, just means you done a layer slightly to thick. The thinner you apply the better the outcome :)!

On your Eighth step it is top coat! Brilliance this is a sealing gel and a top coat to make the finish super shiny! Do apply thinly and do about one nail at a time but it is more liquidy than the rest and can run down your nails a bit. If you end of curing it with it on your skin, it can be a pain to get it off haha, I've been there quite a few times haha! It is not a problem though, barely see it. You cure this for at least 30-45 seconds with this machine. Then your pretty much all done! Once I have cured all the nails and painted them all with the top coat, I just put them under again at the same time if you want and cure them all for 45 seconds just to make sure they look perfect!

Last but not least, to remove the tacky residue use the "Purify" and this make it extra shiny, takes away any sticky marks! Basically finishes off the look & your good to go without the worry of smudging, chipping, marking, dents! Your free like a bird. Just pour a little bit on a cotton pad and rub gently on the nail, don't worry if you get a slight little mark on the cotton pad, it's happened to me and doesn't effect the nail!

I absolutely love this home kit, your saving pennies! You can do your girls nails, family! Quick and easy.. I'm super happy I bought this and would recommend it to every lady that loves to have a good manicure pamper!

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