Younique 3D Mood Struck Fibre-Lash Mascara & I'm a Presenter ♥

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I'm just going to go straight into it BUT I don't think your ready! Are you sitting down? Well I have found THE most amazing mascara, no I am not over exaggerating. Walking prove that "Younique 3D Fibre-Lash Mascara" is 110% the best thing ever to land on earth's lashes. Just to let you know, because this is such a gorgeous mascara I now work for Younique Cosmetics which also do other makeup products, like your blushes, skincare, foundations, eyeshadows & brushes, plus more. I work within the UK region and I will tell you shortly when the beautiful brand is launching in the UK so prep yourselves for this cheeky sneak preview of their best selling mascara. If you want more information by the way to join my team or reserve a mascara then email me via "" OR facebook which is better, ""

Here is me below, with barely any length to my lashes! Completed bald from any sort of mascara. All of us girls agree that we all want beautiful BIG lashes, with volume included. When I saw this on other blogs and seen the before & afters I thought WOW, just wow. I was then approved by a friend of mine called "Katie" and she popped up saying do I want to join this business! I thought out it for a second and thought "HEELLL YEAH".

My lashes are very wimpy, boring and just lack life sometimes! Even with mascara they feel sorry for themselves and can droop in the day, course I don't want my lashes to look like that on a daily basis. I pretty much have used every popular & proven mascara you could think of and I have never received the results like this mascara ever before. Don't get me wrong all liquid mascaras can be good but I WANT MORE.

You get two products in this gorgeous sleek case:

Transplanting Gel: You use this on your lashes first and then you use after every coat of fibre you do. For example, apply gel first and immediately but the natural fibres on & seal it with the gel! If you want more layers, gel fibre, gel, fibre, gel & so on ah! It is an amazing texture, not clumpy, sticky and not thick at all! You could actually use this alone if you wanted to, because it is good enough to do that!

Natural Fibres: This is the juicy secret ingredient to add that extra length and amazing volume. The mini hairs on the brush are fantastic. I wondered in the past if this would work, well IT DOES!

ONE COAT! It actually is a magic wand. So let's get down to business, it has natural ingredients. You have sensitive eyes like me? No need to worry this shouldn't affect anyone & I can't see anyone having problems with this mascara. I recommend this to EVERYONE & ANYONE that want the perfect lash. Throw away them strip lashes and prep mascaras, you don't need that anymore. Come find me and I will definitely sort you out with this beauty.

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2 comments on "Younique 3D Mood Struck Fibre-Lash Mascara & I'm a Presenter ♥"
  1. Looks and sounds amazing! I need to check this out ASAP!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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