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Benefit are known for their perfect lash products, from mascaras to strip lashes! I have used both and they do not disappoint me, especially the famous "They're Real" mascara! Before applying, I do like to use the known torture device "Eyelash Curlers" haha! I am a lover for eyelash curlers recently and I thought Benefit would be perfect because everything else has worked wonders. I have found my all time favourite eye lash curlers! "Tweezerman for Benefit ProCurl Lash Curlers"

The packaging first of all, you don't get any other brand that is creative like Benefit. I love their design and colours, one of the reasons I purchase their products because it looks so good. Not only does it look fabulous, the products work just has good haha! These curlers are simple and silver. The handles are doubled up so they are very sturdy and strong to keep hold of. The best bit is that it comes with three more pads that you change every 3 months or so that is a big bonus! The box is lovely that they come in, a gorgeous pin up girl type style. Quite attractive and eye catching I think!

With previous eyelash curlers I have used with other several brands, they have usually given me the "bent lash look", not very attractive haha! These Benefit curlers are certainly perfect and they grasp your lashes from the root then with a little squeeze it creates a longer and curlier lash. Just to let you know, it would work differently on everybody but I think it would work on any type, shape or length of lash you have!

I have never curled like this before haha, even though it is a simple task it certainly gives your lashes a boost of curliness haha. If you wanted to, curl your lashes are use a clear mascara just to add more length and your good to go! Natural look is the perfect look this summer in my eyes.

How to use the "Benefit ProCurl Lash Curlers" Ashleigh Beauty way:

- Always do it before applying mascara to avoid sticking but also keeps the pads cleaners for longer.
- Open the curler until it is fully open and then pop your lashes through.
- Apply the pad so it is positioned just before the lash line, hold the curlers quite firmly and just squeeze gently!
- Repeat the squeeze about 2-3 times on each eye moving way up to the tip of the lash!
- Then your ready to apply your mascara, I would recommend Benefit They're Real mascara!

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