Sophie Hulme White Leather Cross-Body Bag ♥

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Ever seen something & you fall in love with it instantly? It has happened to me quite a couple of times especially this purchase I made. Not only is it absolutely BEAUTIFUL but it was on sale and it was amazing price. I don't want to mention price on here but I saved £236 on it haha, it was an incredible find. Thought I would just share some pictures of the bag and the design. The bag did come in a little black bag, nothing special so I didn't take any pictures of it. This goodie was purchase from Harvey Nichols Manchester so do pop in for their latest bags because they are gorgeous. Do enjoy because I certainly will haha!

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2 comments on "Sophie Hulme White Leather Cross-Body Bag ♥"
  1. That bag looks stunning - I don't think I could have left it if I had seen it in a store. So so pretty x

    1. I couldn't leave it, I was so eager to get it. There was two left and I bought them both, one for my mum too so she could have a smile on her face xx


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