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Bold is the colour this summer season, I love the natural eye and then bold and bright lips! It looks gorgeous and really stands out when it is nice and sunny outside, (if you from Manchester like me, it is lucky if we see some sunshine haha). Miss Sporty kindly sent me a massive bag of goodies so that I can share with you their style of bold and shiny lips. I have used Miss Sporty in the past and for the price you purchase maximum £4 you do get amazing pigment and quality. I agreed to do collaborate with Miss Sporty Cosmetics and share my thoughts! Just to let you know, they sent me the bits and bobs has a gift, I am not getting paid to do this and also all my thoughts in this review and tutorial is 100% honest opinions. So do enjoy this very bright pink tutorial and please email me pictures of your beautiful bold lips because I would love to seem them! Click Miss Sporty to see their website.

I do apologise before I begin, I was in my jammies and my hair was tied up. I woke up and had the most relaxing bath, afterwards I thought "I am going to do a tutorial and begin the day with a bang of colour"! Because my face was clean, I applied a bit of bronzer to give me some colour hehe but I would do my lips at the very end of my makeup regime.

Step One: I would say this step is important unless you have the best amazing lips haha! I either give my lips a good scrub using "Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrubs" but if not I just simply get a damp luke warm cloth and wipe my lips down so it removes any flakiness and dead skin and any sort of oil that is lingering on the lips! Nice and clean. Miss Sporty also recommend that you do this step because it instantly smoothes the texture of your lips. In the pictures below, I do suffer from Eczema and it decided to pop up whilst I was on holiday so it is on the mend, so do apologise and these products didn't aggravate my lips or cause any irritation too!

Step Two: Simply follow by applying "Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick" in shade "I Love #038" which is the brightest pink I have come across in a long time. It is a very rich and bold colour, so if you love your pinks or want to be a dare devil and experiment then you will adore this shade. Beautiful, super easy to apply and the pigment was instant. Glides on so smoothly and quick. I didn't need to top up, one/two coat was enough.

Step Three: "Miss Sporty Hollywood Lip Gloss" in shade "Miami Beach #180". I absolutely LOVE this lipgloss because it is not a sticky or tacky which is perfect in a lipgloss. It is quite sheer but with a very lovely pink pigment that matches the lipstick spot on. I just added a simple layer or two and it did infact make my lip more fuller, bolder and very shiny! Very happy with look that Miss Sporty created with these colours.

Step Four: You can if you want to accentuate the "lip heart" add the "Miss Sporty So Clear Perfect Stay Coverstick" and this will just highlight them areas and make your lips look even more juicer!

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