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I just want a mascara that does everything, length to volume, non-flaky, non-gloopy, not clumpy and just thickness, pretty much everything! I casually come across the most popular mascara to date "Bare Minerals Lash Domination". It claims to give you larger than life lashes, well does it I hear you ask!? It does indeed my mascara addicts. It has brand new exclusive ProTwist180 wand that I have never seen before, so not only does it work, it is very unique!

With there being so many mascaras out on the market, we expect the best when one is launched, we expect it to be different & works better than any other mascara! I love being adventurous with wands & brushes so when a unique one like this is launched, I jumped and pounced on product and purchased it.

My lashes, to make them look am-aaazing. I need length, volume, open my eyes, no spider eyes, lasts ALL day and certainly no drop. Also it needs to sustain summer heat because after all in England we are hoping at least some sort of sunshine! To find a mascara that does all this, is a pain in the bum to find BUT look no further ladies and gents because I have found one that pretty much does EVERYTHING and does what is says on the tin.

Everyone's lashes are definitely different! So this review is a based on my lashes but I have seen so many amazing reviews about this product and mine is another one to add to the list haha! First thing, this mascara definitely adds volume, thickness and length! Throughout the day I also noticed it is all day wear with no flakiness, smudging and fading. No need to top up, you can wake up and apply this and have a good eight hour day at work or school without the need to put any on half way through.

I do apply about two-three coats of mascara, not just this one. I always put on these amount of coats with any mascara however I could of got away with just two coats with Lash Domination because they made my lashes super long and lush! I do believe the "ProTwist180" played a big part in the length and volume, very fancy name but it works! The extreme black shade really gave my lashes a bold colour so my eyes looked larger and lashes looked longer.

I absolutely love the packaging, it is very sleek and it has a slight twist that matches the twist wand. Very easy to handle also a very good size brush to apply onto then any lash length. I really really love the brush and it is unlike any other mascara I have ever used and I will be re-purchasing this every time I finish.

If you want your eyes to pop everyday, then purchase this beauty!

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