OFAT Experience & "Reef" Review with Jacob James at Harvey Nichols Manchester ♥

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Summer Lovin' had me a OFAT Manicure! I was definitely in need for a manicure, my nails have definitely been battered by acrylics & chemicals. Not a good look, my nails are weak and brittle so they now need to be cared for. Jacob James that works for "OFAT" - Only Fingers and Toes in the Harvey Nichols Manchester store offered me a gorgeous BioSculpture & OFAT Colour Polish today. I went for the very gorgeous orange colour in the end called "Reef". It was such a hard decision however we both agreed with this lovely colour. OFAT is a nail varnish brand which I will continue to purchase from and now know that I can trust a brand that will not harm my or my nails!

A little bit more about OFAT from my experience but also factual as well! First of all, there are 100000x colours to choose from. I am seriously amazed how many colours you can choose from in just one brand, also I loved every single one of them, that is why it took a while to choose a colour. We both decided on the orange "Reef" to match the colour of the brand. Their boxes and packaging are orange so I thought it was a BONUS the fact it is quite a summer colour too yay!

They have four collection of colours you can choose from, Vivid which is your classic colours, Molten is your gorgeous metallics, the Illumine, of course your super glitters and lastly your Lustre which are the colours with a hint of gold and/or silver shimmer. All these nail varnishes are perfect for EVERYONE, because they do not harm your skin or nails like other brands! They have taken out 5 ingredients which harm the skin|nails out of the formula so it is much more protective, doesn't harm your nervous system, prevent seizures, not poisonous and more!

Everything was beautifully presented and certainly sophisticated! I do love how passionate and is amazing talent Jacob James as.. Super talented. First of all we applied the BioSculpture products which looks much more natural and you can pass them as your own and it does strengthen, also promote the growth of your natural nails. The best bit is it eliminates excessive buffing which again helps protect your nails.

Treatment time! Well should I say Bio Sculpture. He buffed, shaped & cut my nasty nails and made them beautiful again. He applied different layers of gel to make them stronger then were put in a LED light to dry them which was quite fun because my nails were glowing haha! It was super amazing experience and this process definitely felt like a pampering.

Step 1: Applied a base gel to protect the natural nail when applying the tips|extensions!
Step 2: Creating a natural length and shape.
Step 3: Applied a hard gel on top to create & build strength.

"REEEEEF" time! The orange polish as arrived. Isn't it beautiful and soft, I absolutely love this colour and it as definitely grown on me. I am really happy about the pigment also the drying time, the most two important features of a nail varnish! Of course he put on a base coat to prevent staining and chipping. Then the colour, he applied pretty much straight after because it was super quick to dry! He applied two coats of "Reef" to make sure my nails are full of pigment and shiny. I am really really pleased with everything and Jacob is actually the best nail consultant I have ever had and I will be sticking with him and making sure I spread the word. He knows the products, knows the how I like my nails and his customer service is the best! I can't express how happy I am with the results.

I apologise about this picture, I am not a fan of my fingers haha! They look quite chunky but ay. Just look how beautiful and shiny they are. Jacob thank you so much for these perfect summer nails. Also to get these nails done contact Harvey Nichols OFAT counter on 0161 828 8560 to book in your appointment and feel pampered the professional way. OFAT ALL THE WAY

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7 comments on "OFAT Experience & "Reef" Review with Jacob James at Harvey Nichols Manchester ♥"
  1. They look amazing, that is such a perfect colour for summer!

    1. Thank you, it is beautiful and it as grown on me quite a lot.. & it isn't harming my nails like other brands do xxx

  2. I really like the color!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. It is a gorgeous bright orange colour, perfect for summer! xx

  3. You nails look so lovely! The colour is really pretty as well :)

    1. Would you believe I have tips on, they look really natural and bright hehe, thank you xx

  4. Love that colour, it's not a colour i'd normally go for as I usually go for neutrals but this looks gorgeous!



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