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Some of you may of noticed that I have been going crazy with Moroccan Oil products on my Instagram & Twitter, it is because they are an amazing brand. Decided to purchase another product from their collection and this time it is the "Cleansing Bar" such a good purchase for £10! Oh by the way the reason I chose to review the soap first before the body souffle and the body buff is because you clean first, so kind of makes sense haha! So carrying on haha, you may think Woah £10 for a bar! Well this is post is to tell you why it is worth purchasing this. It's summer time, my skin needs the hydration and moisture pumped into and to stay in there too. This Cleansing Bar does the job and is super gentle on my eczema!

There is not one brand in my eyes that does Argan Oil products better than Moroccan Oil! This bar is super amazing, I am in love and really happy with it's healing and moisture benefits. It is gentle enough to use it every single day and night because of it's gorgeous ingredients, Argan oil and luscious Shea Butter infused into the bar. It hugs my skin haha! I would say ANY skin type can use this, any age skin from little ones to your maturer skins. Just massage the bar in your hands or your "poof" as I call them haha, to form a lush rich lather and simply wash yourself as you would with a normal bar in the shower or the bath! Whats really good about this cleansing bar, it has ingredients to help prevent odor and perspiring!

I felt a difference straight away. Softer, much more supple skin and it felt moisturised immediately. I smelt like I am walking through the beaches of the Mediterranean sea!

I do love my shower gels but I think you get more out of a cleansing bar but that's just me! I really love this Moroccan Oil Cleansing Bar, very different to other bars of soap and the smell is amazing. You do feel like your on holiday, soaking up the rays in the tropics. You can have this feeling all year round, who doesn't want that? It lathers up very well considering it is quite a moisturising product! It is lovely.

These products are exclusive to Harvey Nichols Manchester and you can purchase them online too!

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2 comments on "Moroccan Oil - Cleansing Bar ♥"
  1. £10 is quite steep but this sounds so luxurious so I'm sure it's worth it! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. It is most definitely worth it! £10 and the benefits and quality you receive from such a small product is amazing xxx


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