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I absolutely love the sunshine and I love how it brings happiness too! It makes me want to shop more and more so my skin is protected, moisturised and of course, to give me that healthy radiant glow. My last blog post, just below this one I reviewed the most amazing "Cleansing Bar by Moroccan Oil", so you have probably guessed what today's post is by the title or if you previously read about the cleansing bar. I am a big fan of Moroccan Oil and will always purchase because they have always given me a smile when I use their beautiful products.

The picture above is your Moroccan Oil "Body Souffle", (white tub) & then your beautiful Moroccan Oil "Body Buff", (orange tub). These products are just so perfect, I always recommend these products now that I have been introduced to them myself. When I had a gander in Harvey Nichols, Manchester which I love to shop in by the way haha, they introduced me to this brand and I loved the hair oil and everything about this brand fits my skin condition and it is wonderful.

"The big tub of Jaffa Cakes" I call this haha! "Moroccan Oil Body Buff Exfoliator" is its real name! I call it Jaffa Cakes for a reason which you will find out why soon ah. It is delicious, a very luxury exfoliator, for dull, lack of radiant skin for all skin types and ages. Has soon has I bought this, I used it straight away has I returned home from work and it was a very exciting experience. A very yummy orange-citrus type fragrance and if your from the UK you most probably know what a "Jaffa Cake" is and if not, it is dessert which is sponge with orange and chocolate on top aha, a double scent of that dessert which is yummy! The ingredients are natural orange peel, nourishing avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils which rejuvenate skin with intense moisture.

I covered my entire body with this apart from the face of course, and just simply rubbed it in circular motions to massage into the skin to help exfoliate the skin even more. You can use this in the shower or bath, wherever you want. It does not lather up however once massaged it turns into a gorgeous oil with bits in haha and very easy to rinse off. I was super surprised with how it made my skin look and feel, soft, supple, glowing and moisturised definitely. Once dried, I was so impressed that my skin felt like it didn't need moisturising at all but I did it anyway. I finished and towel dried or just simply sat there and naturally dried haha! I don't like rubbing the towel on my skin because it is that sensitive! Once dried my skin was much more silky, smoother and very soft to touch, it is a miracle. No greasiness, sliminess or anything.

"Whipped Cream in a tub" another quirky name haha! "Moroccan Oil Body Souffle". It is whipped because it's between a body milk and a body butter which gives this moisturiser a very unique touch and it is extremely moisturising to. This moisturiser, well should I say souffle is combined of Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.

A very holiday, Mediterranean type smell. A moisturiser that smells like your on a beach every day and very soothing to. An addictive product which I think I will stay with forever and a day. Applying this beauty is like indulging on chocolate, so beautiful and soft, glides on with ease and absorbed into the skin so quickly, leaving nothing but healthy, glowing, supple skin and also very SOFT. Very beneficial for all skin types especially my dry & dehydrated readers hehe and I hate greasy products and this product does not leave one little bit of slime on the skin, YES! Really incredible product and one that I will be sticking to and I want everyone to get one or try a sample, you need to try it! The results on me were pretty instant and I noticed my skin straight away become softer. The best combo when applied after the "Body Buff".

Pretty please tell me if you have used this product and let me know what you think! I can't fault these products at all because they are amazing for my skin. Super happy and if you have reviewed this product on you then send me the link!

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5 comments on "Moroccan Oil Body Buff & Body Souffle ♥"
  1. I need to try more Moroccan Oil products considering you recomend them so much! These two sound lovely! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. I never knew Morrocanoil did these they look so special! I'm definitely going to check these out, your photos are beautiful too great work!

  3. I wasn't aware of Moroccan oil doing body products but these look incredible! I will definitely have to try and look out for these now.

    Jessica | Jessica’s Journal ♥

  4. I've used the products before for my hair and it's brilliant! I'd love to try the skin products too, especially if the scrub smells like Jaffa Cakes, yum!
    JS xx


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