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It's a sunny sunday and there is nothing better than having a relaxing pampering sunday day. Get the face scrubs and masks out, nail varnishes (of course the brightest colour) and put your favourite pajamas's on and just relax! Applying nail varnish I think is the most relaxing, especially when you had your bubble bath and you can just sit there and do nothing haha. Thought I would share a review and application of the brightest luminous nail varnishes out there "Models Own Ice Neon - Bubblegum". Today I decided I wanted this pink shade, they do, do other shades but for me the pink seemed the perfect one for this lovely sunny day.

Step One: Here goes, I always always wipe my nails with nail varnish remover, whether I am wearing any or not, just because I feel like all the dirt, excess nail varnish and natural oils or creams are removed from the nails so it is a much cleaner "base". Just to let your lovely ladies know I did shape my nails first and filed my nails before this! You can also do the same if you want your nails shorter or more of a shape. My own nails are so short, I'm not quite sure why, I don't bite them or anything.. Strange.

Sorry about the wrinkly looking fingers ahah! Step Two: Once the nail varnish remover as dried, I then applied a clear coat on my nails. I know you can see Top Coat in this picture below, it's just when I went to paint these nails my models own base coat leaked and hardened everywhere because my clumsy self didn't put the lid on properly in my nail varnish bag haha! Don't fear you can actually use a "top coat" as a base coat, it still protects your nails from staining and chipping!

Step Three: Bubblegum explosion time. The colour of this pink neon shade is quite a barbie colour, very bright and girly. If you love pink you will definitely love this on your nails! I found that as you apply this varnish onto your nails it does start to dry quite quickly. With these colours being very fluorescent, Models Own recommend that you pop these in the fridge to prolong the colour and stop any fading! I haven't done this and I have had this nail varnish for quite some time and I haven't had problems of fading.

The pigment is unbelievable! One coat is enough, and that is all I did in this picture. It does look like two but it's because it is so perfect and pink haha. It is a matte effect finish but I always add a top coat afterwards, to prevent chips, chaps and anything else haha. They do dry quite quickly on the top but to become fully dry it does take a little longer so prevent using your hands for about 15minutes just so you don't get any smudges, dents and imprints like any nail varnish.

Step Four: Top Coat, I used the same one as I used before in this application! Don't apply this straight after you applied the colour because it will smudge and also you might get the colour on the top coat brush which is a big boo boo ha! This might sound complicated but this is how I do it, ready? Paint one hand in colour, then the other. Then top coat the first hand you did then once you done that hand, paint the other haha made sense?

For a little decoration, I used Avon's new gem palette that comes with lovely tiny coloured gems. I used the light pink ones and placed it on top of wet top coat so when it tries it stays in place. Last and surely not least I then wet a cotton bud with nail varnish remover and cleaned up any smudged edges and your done!

I absolutely love this Neon - Bubblegum! I do need the bright yellow and green one and be a little bit more adventurous. They are very good quality and reasonably priced too. Super neon, so if you love your bright colours these will definitely not let you down for summer. My nails are not as luminous and bright in the picture as they are in person, so have fun with this beautiful collection.

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