Just Four Steps to Get A Glowing, Natural Makeup for Summer Featuring Luxury For Princess ♥

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Just before I went to work today, I sorted out my outfit. It's a gorgeous primark white flow-y dress, quite loose fitting because of the mesh type material. During my "sorting out work outfit" I thought, "ooo if I wear this outfit it would look lovely with a very natural glowing makeup look" . I ended up persuading myself to wear this and try and do a very easy quick step makeup look for you lovely readers. With it being summer you want something quick, simple and something where you don't have to worry about topping up during this humid type hot English weather aha!

Here is four products I used to create this very simple yet girly makeup look!

Before I started anything I made sure I cleansed my skin, prepped my skin with moisturiser and a serum(if you use one that's perfect). Prepping you skin before applying makeup will give you a gorgeous radiant finish and it's much easier to apply makeup onto the skin when you do this!

Cover Fx "Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation". It is a brand that people are starting to know a bit more about, quite a natural product with the ingredients however it's perfect for all skin types so please if you have dry skin like me, do not run away from this product because in fact it as give me a gorgeous dewy finish at the end with out the need to powder, also it lasts up to 7-8 hours without the need to top up, amazing! So.. This foundation is between a medium-full coverage but it is very buildable. I built mine up to full coverage today however you can't tell because the finish and texture leaves it looking very au naturale! Would you believe I didn't use concealer, yes with this foundation it covers up ANY imperfections, from pigmentation, redness even tattoos! Such a perfect product that I have used previously but I wasn't a blogger back then haha, so know it's back in my makeup bag where it belongs! I applied this with a CrownBrushUK Syntho Flat brush you can see in the picture below.

Next up was of course blusher! I used quite a shimmery one today by "Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Allure" Click the link for a full review about the blusher. It is truly a pigmented blusher, a pinky-plummy colour with speckles of gold which I love under the sunshine! With it being a soft texture it sits on top of this foundation very well and adds a gorgeous radiance to the cheeks. In love with this blush and the luminous finish it gives. I used again from the CrownBrushUK Syntho Range the slanted blusher brush, to give it more definition on the cheeks!

Mascara, to finish off the eyes just pop on a bit of mascara and this will enhance your eyes, make them look bigger! Brown or black mascara is fine but I of course used black! I used to mascaras to achieve the long lash look. "Maybelline Falsies" & "L'Oreal Telescopic" both very different brushes. I applied the "Telescopic" first, to add as a base and to give more length to my lashes first rather than thickness, then once I am happy with the length I added the "Falsies" on top to add the thickness and volume! Perfect tip: Let the mascara dry before you add another layer, it increases the length and also make the lashes more voluminous.

Last step is the lushious lips haha! "Benefit Cha Cha Tint Lip Balm" it as been in various posts recently but just not had the time to do a review so, apologies. You continue the "very" natural look with a sheer lip balm. I chose the Cha Cha tint because I love the sheer coverage it gives yet a very gorgeous coral|orange tint. With me wearing white I thought it would look perfect with the outfit also. It's moisturising and hydrating which is perfect during summer because your lips do tend to dry out a little bit because of the sun! Any sheer lip tint or lip stick would look amazing, doesn't have to be coral hehe.

That ends the very natural, easy peasy makeup look which any one and everyone can do. Just these products are amazing together, really dewy, warm and flawless. Let me know if you have used Cover FX or any of this products together!

Lastly thought I would mention that I have dyed my hair to a very dark chocolate brown, because I like to change my hair quite a lot and I do get bored of the same style or look. So because I dyed my hair, I had to dye the beautiful Luxury for Princess extensions that were kindly given to me. These were super easy to dye and acted like it was real hair on my head, took the dye super well and was done perfectly. Never ruined one strand of hair so it's a plus! Here's the finished look of my hair!

Thank you for reading lovely jubblies!

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  1. Great post hun, I love your eyebrows! x

    Jess x


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