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Today, work felt super long! For me after a long day at work I love a good long session of pampering to make me feel fresh and awake. Evelom in Harvey Nichols Manchester store gave me lovely product samples which I adore and they last such a long time so I went and got some more and be cheeky before payday ahha! Here is my review already about the products - "Evelom Skincare Samples" so make sure you have a wander. This post is going to be about how to use these Evelom products, well the ones I were given to fit my dry-to dry skin type!

Firstly get into something comfy, so you can relax whilst taking your makeup off or cleansing your skin! I like being in my bunnie onesie from NEXT, it is so comfy and soft I could probably live in it if I could. I clipped my hair back so it's off my face, you don't want slimy stuff in your hair unless your about to wash it then it doesn't matter haha! Erm? Yes in the picture, not quite sure the pose but it will have to do haha, I look quite bonkers so I am sorry.

I used the "Evelom Cleanser" first to remove my makeup. It is such a beautiful cleanser|makeup remover, it literally melts and dissolves any type of makeup instantly from the lightest to the thickest coverage but not only that it removes mascara in a second! I do layer my mascara so that is a big thumbs up for this cleanser to remove it. In my post I did about this product I mentioned it smells like herbal bubblegum, it is DELICIOUS please don't eat it though haha. All you do with this cleanser is squeeze out as much as you need and gently apply it to dry skin or on top or your makeup and massage all over your face to make sure you cover everywhere!

I promise I am trying to be as lady like and elegant whilst trying to photograph and pose how to remove makeup with a cleanser haha! This cleanser comes with a "Muslin Cloth". The best kind of material to cleanse and wipe your skin with as it gently exfoliates the skin whilst wiping off the dissolved makeup excess! It works a treat. All you do is put the Muslin Cloth in warm-hot water and wipe and repeat all over until your completely clear of any makeup on your skin! I did actually have a warm pot of hot water beside me so I could show you!

After it is all done, I just get a clean towel to remove any water lingering on my skin! If you do this part then please TAP the skin, don't rub your face with the towel because it can cause sagging of the skin and also could cause wrinkles or even make it dry. TAP TAP TAP ladies.

Here are the non-makeup selfies below, so bewarned your eyes may go fuzzy when you see these haha! I am not very confident with putting no makep pictures up so I am really doing this so I can show you lovely readers how to do the "Evelom" skincare routine.

Next up, the moisturiser, my skin is always thirsty for some moisture! I actually used a mask today but it's not a normal mask that dries and you wash off. "Evelom Moisture Mask" is a mask and moisturiser in one, soaks in the skin just like a normal moisturiser would but it's much thicker to have a mask feeling. Ahhhh it soaks in straight away and left my skin feeling hydrated, smooth and just the best feeling ever. Super soft may I add, so if you have dry-to dry skin, please get your hands on this product or try and get a sample sachet. I applied this everywhere avoiding the eyes and I let it soak in after a minute or two so I could apply the eye cream next by Evelom too!

Apologies first before I begin talking about the eye cream. MY BROWS! I know they need doing but I am actually getting them done tomorrow, HD brows in fact so they will be much better by my next post haha. Eye cream is a must, but it is a must only by using your ring finger. With your eye area being much thinner than the rest of your face, you need to take absolute care, so ring finger is a must, it applies a lot more gentle than your other fingers. Strange.. I know! "Evelom Eye Cream" simple as that, easy peasy. They only do one eye cream so it is suitable for ALL skin types. I love this, because it's creamy and I feel an instant plump of moisture and hydration when I apply this in circular motions around my eyes. Julia from the Evelom Counter at Harvey Nichols Manchester did mention it helps with not only puffiness, but dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Pretty much does everything in one!

DONE, WAAAAALAA, FINISHED. Your Evelom pamper is complete! I love how it makes my skin feel after every step and now you can just relax, tie your hair back and watch a film or blog like I just did! Pretty please share your skin care regime and how you do it, my commenting your link to it! I would love to read them all.


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