How To Apply "Red Cherry #DW Lashes" & Review ♥

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Hello gorgeous ladies! Welcome back, mid week and it's becoming a lot more bright with sunshine. During summer I love to be natural and have long lovely lashes, when I say natural I mean natural look falsies too. I have purchased the very gorgeous "Red Cherry Lasehes #DW". I purchased just one pair, to have a look at first - have a feel for them and wow are they amazing so I bought more to keep in stock for myself haha.

Red Cherry Lashes are 100% real human hair, and these ones are a particular demi-wipsy style which are high quality and handmade. You can reapply these with ease and just continuously wear them on multiple occasions. Just make sure you look after them and clean them also taking them off quite gently. Pre-warning, if you want to purchases these, at just £2.99 may I add, they do not come with adhesive (glue). Any strip lash glue will perfectly anyway with these lashes so I used "MAC's Duo Adhesive". The longest lasting glue I have come across. I have had this for months and months, probably coming up to a year now! It's not gone off and it still works as if it is brand new, no where near to finishing it either.

I felt bald taking this picture due to eyeliner but no mascara hah I look "peculiar". Firstly I applied an eyeliner with this look today just because I felt like being a winged type of gal. I used the "Illamasqua's Precision Gel Liner" I did a review for this gorgeous liner. So I just applied the eyeliner how I like it, sometimes I don't wear eyeliner with these specific lashes because they are so natural without it.

The stained torture device is next haha, my eyelash curlers from Ebay infact I think it was 79p and they work wonders haha! I would much prefer the Shu Umera's gold ones but ay! You don't need to use these but I just adding a little curl to my lash with or without lashes, kind of got used to doing it as part of my lash regime haha if there is such thing! After curling my lashes I whipped out my latest favourite mascara "Bourjois Paris 1seconde" mascara, comes in waterproof too which is great you ladies that have hayfever this time of year. I absolutely love love love this mascara, with its spherical bristles. I use this just do make my lashes darker before applying lashes and it blends the falsies and my lashes together.

LASH TIME! I used the MAC's Duo Adhesive and applied a very thin layer on the lash strip, waved it about a bit to help it dry and after a minute or less it will become tacky so it will stick straight to your eye and won't move all day! Apply it as close as you can to your top lash line, I start from the outer eye then press it a long towards the inner. You can quickly adjust it before it completely dries but it will stay all day for me then.

After applying the lash, I then just squeeze push the lash into my lash line. Sounds complicated when typing, it is just to secure the lash and keep it there. I grab the mascara again and I apply it both top and bottom lashes to open the eye and make them bigger.

It was super awkward taking these pictures because I am still learning how to pose during these picture tutorials but I will get there. I hope you enjoyed my how to lash review and let me know if you try any of these lashes! They are perfect and so easy to clean and you can definitely put more mascara on these if you want them thicker or longer. Thank you so much for reading!

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2 comments on "How To Apply "Red Cherry #DW Lashes" & Review ♥"
  1. They look so pretty and natural!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. For £2.99 you can't go wrong, they are perfect and really pretty.. I wear them all the time because they are so natural! I had to do a blog about it.



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