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I am always always on the hunt for a gorgeous skincare brand. Just one that suit my needs and makes me feel happy about my skin. Well I was wandering around Harvey Nichols Manchester and a gorgeous lady called Hannah that works on the ESPA counter mentioned they had a lovely gift on that she would like me to try. Oh can't help but love a good freebie right haha? So she professionally asked me what skin type I am, of course I said dry and sensitive and straight away she pulled out this beaut "Replenished Skin Collection". Hannah told me exactly what to do and how to do it but also told me what the products are!

Everyone wants to love the skin their in, so why not make it extra lovely! I couldn't wait to get inside this when I got home, super excited. The bag contained your cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Don't worry I will go into full detail about them. It is a really good "sample" size gift because you get to try EVERYTHING and try it as a skin regime rather than one product here and there. These sizes lasted me a good week and I can still get some extra few days out of there. In the second/third day I noticed a difference, there was better texture and definitely a bit more glow to the skin.

The best bit about this little gift set was that it come with some cards that mentioned the order that you apply but also some information about how to apply it and bits to why it was good for your skin. I found this super handy especially so I could focus on it at home.

Not in order in the picture but the first step is cleansing. I used the "Hydrating Cleansing Milk", the white bottle - it was beautiful. It removed my makeup, dirt and anything that was on my skin throughout the day and my skin felt super clean. With it being a milk, I found that it was very gentle on my skin and soft. I felt like it soothed, calmed but also hydrated my skin throughout the cleanse! On the plus side it smelt gorgeous.

Step two is the "Hydrating Floral Spafresh" the clear light purple bottle - such a gorgeous scent. Very aromatic and very natural. I just poured a little of this on to a cotton pad and just wiped my face with it, with light strokes and upward motion. I definitely felt fresh and mostly hydrated, which is much needed for my type of skin. Quite happy it adds moisture and hydration.

It is now serum time! "Proserum" the yellow bottle - ah it's beautiful and plus I think this little sample size is going to last me much much more longer than the other products. I just pour out a tiny tiny drop on three fingers tips and rub my fingers together and apply! Yes that is all you need and it spreads amazingly. Most definitely a kick of hydration immediately. My skin feels much more smoother and may I add silkier!

The last but definitely still the most important products of this regime. It doesn't really matter which product you apply first, whether it be the moisturiser or the eye cream I would say it is totally up to you! The cards that come with this gift does say to apply the eye cream first so will we begin with "24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser" the white thin tube - Ooo la la I love a good eye cream and this one as made me happy. Most definitely a nourishing and hydrating eye cream I have come across. It has also helped just ease them dark grey circles I have under my eyes but are a pain in the bum! So thank you ESPA for making a miracle eye cream!

Of course the moisturiser 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser - the bigger white tube - very creamy and I loved how gentle it is on my skin but also how rich and hydrating it made my skin feel. With the skin being super sensitive it didn't even react with my skin which is amazing. When I apply this on my skin does feel fresh, much more comfortable & smoother. Don't have to worry about them dry patches anymore.

Thank You ESPA for an absolute amazing product, I would love to have the large sizes sat on my dressing table. Have you used any of ESPA product?

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  1. So jealous of how photogenic you are, all your photos on your blog are lovely!

    1. Aw thank you! Really appreciate it, so lovely <3


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