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Oh you lucky readers, it is a coral explosion! As I have already done a few lovely reviews, let's change it up a bit with some "Coral Must Haves" I am not going to do a massive review of each product because I will do each product review separately. Today will be a bit of a "why they are must haves" and why you should all have these goodies in your summer makeup collection. Just to let you know some products are from last years must haves too.

I will try and do a left to right review, so we can both understand what's going on haha! Firstly let's begin with "Coralista Blusher by Benefit Cosmetics". I love a good box blusher from Benefit. Would you believe I have had this a whole year and I have only hit the pan, yes I even use this in Winter. Lasted me such a long long time and still get probably another year to go until I finish. This shade is absolutely beautiful for summer, it has a lovely sheen to it and little hints of shimmer so when it catches the sun rays your cheeks will look "coral-itiful" see what I did there? Haha

Next up, the brand spanking new "Cha Cha BeneBalm by Benefit Cosmetics" I purchased this when I bought the new "Big Easy BB Cream" the other week. So not got round to wearing it has much has the BB cream however I will be reviewing this soon. I do want to mention that I do love this lip balm, well should I say BeneBalm haha. It is a very sheer moisturising balm that is lovely for summer because it seems hydrating and shiny. Even though it is quite sheer there is still a boost of coral that comes through. Perfect lip essential for this summer! Perfect add on for this product is "Cha Cha Tint by Benefit Cosmetics"

Oh la la my favourite coral cream blusher by "Bourjous Paris, Cream Blush 02". The most gorgeous coral cream blush I have used and will definitely will be doing a tutorial and review about this very soon. Of course the pigment is most important, it is the perfect amount of pigment to give your cheeks a gorgeous healthy glow! Even though it's corally, if that's a word. I word also describe it as peachy, make them cheeks pop without it smudging your foundation or going patchy, amazing product.

Bourjous Paris have definitely suprised me this summer time, there products are super amazing and I am really happy with this brand new mascara they have launched recently. "Volume 1 Seconde Mascara". A very unique brush, one that I have never seen on a mascara before. Clump-free which I can guarantee myself as I have had no clumpy or spider leg problems. The bristles have "Spherical & Straight" bristles to help with length and volume also. Use a zig zag motion on your lashes to create more volume. You can also buy a waterproof version to, so if you want longer lashes during your holidays then purchase this product!

"Big Easy by Benefit". Perfection, long lasting and also I think it would last all day during summer. I have already posted a review about it here. The reason I picked it out for my favourites, is because it is not heavy which is a must during summer weather. During my time wearing it through the random hot days we had in the UK it doesn't slide or fade throughout the day which is a massive BONUS. With the sun shining it adds a lovely natural glow to it too, so ladies but your foundations to the side for summer and pick up this BB beaut.

Last and definitely not least, in the top picture you may see "Benefit High Brow", every lady loves the perfect brown especially through summer time with a gorgeous tan. High brow gives you that lovely brow arch and a glow at the same time. Lift enhancing brow pencil, never been so easy to lift that arch even more. Even though it is a soft matte linen-pink shade it is suitable for all skin tones. You can actually view here how to get the perfect arch brow by Benefit.

Please tell me your favourite summer coral colours or if coral isn't your favourite for summer then let me know what shades you love to wear, I always want to try brand new shades! Thank you for reading and please leave a commment with any suggestions or even products you want me to try!

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