Zoeva Brushes Gift ♥

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I have had an amazing day and amazing news but it's a secret for now because I don't want to jinx it haha sorry, however I come home to a delivery by Zoeva Professional Makeup Brushes & Colour Cosmetics! I have been waiting for these beauties to arrive, I follow them on Instagram and Twitter and every time they upload a picture of their brushes or products I always stare and most probably dribble at how beautiful they are! Always had my eyes on these and when they contacted me I thought WOW an amazing opportunity to try these out and what I will do is, when I do a makeup look sometime I will blog about it and mention these brushes so I can do a full review so I can share with you exactly what they are like when I apply product! Thought I would just show you the brushes they sent me and how they arrived for now.

Thank you much for sending me these beautiful brushes Zoeva! I appreciate it so much and most definitely be featuring these in my future posts, everyone keep your eyes peeled.

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6 comments on "Zoeva Brushes Gift ♥"
  1. They are so so stunning oh my! I need to get my hands on some!

    1. They are stunning but they pick up the product so well also! xx

  2. They look beautiful... I want them, enjoy using them


    1. Your blog is beaut and I am definitely enjoying them haha, thank you! xx

  3. I've been debating whether or not to buy these brushes for so long! May have been extra persuaded by your post now haha! x

    1. They are very beautiful and pick up pigment|product really well. I hope I have persuaded you into beautifulness haha if that's a word! xxx


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