Signorina "Eleganza" Perfume by Salvatore Ferrgamo from Harvey Nichols, Manchester ♥

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Harvey Nichols, Manchester never disappoint me and their exclusiveness and brand new perfume ranges. They always have the brand new fragrances launching, always something new. If you want a perfume, your guaranteed to get it here. I previously bought the "Signorina Original by Salvatore Ferrgamo" One of their first fragrances I bought from Harvey Nichols, Manchester. It is absolutely beautiful!

A lovely lady Natasha, who loves her fragrances works with Signorina collection and because she knows how much I loved the first one, she introduced me to their latest launch of the Signorina Eleganza. I instantly jumped to the samples that Natasha give me, because has soon has I had a spritz of the fragrance, I fell in love. Signorina never disappointed me, with their packaging, fragrance and quality.

I'll talk about the beautiful luxury packaging. I love the nude palette colours. When I looked at it, I guessed what type of fragrance it was going to be, fruit and creamy. Salvatore Ferrgamo "Signorina" collection is feminine, beautiful and graceful. The nude|beige colours do attract any age group I think with the colours being very simple and delicate. Eleganza is gold and embossed into the bottle so it adds that extra touch of luxury. The bottle does shout elegance and beauty. The bow adds that gorgeous touch to it also. If you read my blog posts quite often you might know that I love anything gold, nude and simple, this bottle was made for me haha!

Who can resist a fragrance that looks like this? Everything in fragrance department at Harvey Nichols, Manchester always looks amazing and clean so you could easily find this on the shelves. Now, the important bit, the beautiful scent. A really rich and creamy fragrance but yet light and not over-powering which I love about the Signorina collection. A fragrance you can use everyday, or on them girly nights out including occasions. A really feminine scent that is very versatile, open to all ages and to all the fruit and floral scent lovers haha.

When spraying this onto my skin, I smelt the pear and almond. A really interesting yet gorgeous blend. Has the fragrance settles onto the skin, you can start smelling the grapefruit and other gorgeous ingredients. There is grapefruit, pear, almond powder, patchouli and white leather. Very unsual notes that I thought wouldn't work together but it actually working amazing and very beautiful and fresh. I love how delicate it is and how long it lasts, I sprayed this fragrance and hours later it still lingered on my skin!

Natasha knew everything about this fragrance and explained the notes really well to me before giving me the sample to try, so thank you so much for the advice and even how and when to wear it. Very gorgeous fragrance that I would recommend anyone to visit Harvey Nichols in Manchester just receive such good customer service and also the lovely Manager Anthony is fabulous and helped me also! I will be coming back to purchase the lovely big luxury bottle.

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