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SUNSHINE is here. Finally Manchester receives some sunshine, it's very rare we see one day of sun never mind the whole weekend, extremely lucky. So I thought, it's a beautiful day, I am feeling peachy has I was inspired by Velvet Gh0st's youtube video she uploaded and it was a peachy kinda look, very natural. Has I am going out for a beauty meeting thought I would experiment and create something so I look the part and this is what I come up with, it is very similar products to what Velvet Gh0st used and some products are the same. The brushes I used are from CrownBrushUK which they kindly sent to me to try and I am certainly impressed with the quality of their Syntho Set, THANK YOU!

I had to wear a peachy coloured jumper, just to match my makeup. It might be OTT but I love a good peachy outfit. Right I'll stop saying the word peachy ahah. With this makeup, I think the colours of my eyes really suit these type of colours and on my olive skintone too. This makeup wouldn't of worked if it wasn't for the amazing Syntho Set Brushes by CrownBrush. They were so kind to contact me and let me try their brushes! Everything I say about these brushes are 100% true and I can't fault these at all.

I will talk about the brushes first. The set come in a beautiful leather case that consisted of, Mini Fan - Angle Liner - Eyeliner - Oval Eyeshadow - Crease Eyeshadow - Angle Brush - Flat Bronzer and my favourite the Powder Dome! It is worth £60.99 so thank you so much CrownBrush. To create this look, I used the eyeshadow brushes, angle liner, flat bronzer along with powder dome! These brushes apply your makeup with such ease and elegance! Their premium synthetic bristles don't absorb oil or product, yet picks up the product very well. I think the most important bit is Do they blend well? INDEED they do! They blend so easily especially the eyeshadow brushes, you don't need to worry about that.

I applied my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation on my face, then used the Powder Dome to blend with because I love using them type of brushes to blend with! It looked absolutely flawless haha, I don't want to seem big headed then haha! It looks almost airbrushed, no streaks no patches, even blend! It spread all over with ease and I did tap the brush into my skin and still no streaks, I am amazed!

I didn't apply any powder today because I used quite a dewy foundation so wanted to keep that healthy dewy look. Next I used MAC's Warm Soul Blusher and contoured my cheeks with the Flat Bronzer brush, with the same ease it picked up the product surprisingly well and with it being a flat brush I could contour. The brush picked up the right amount of product so I didn't need to blow any sort of excess product and waste it yaya! I also used to this brush to apply the MAC's Light Year Limited Edition Mineralise Skin Finish to apply to my cheek for more glow and radiance.

On my eyes I used the MAC's Warm Soul Blusher and only this product! Such a easy, bright yet natural look which anyone could do! I used both the Oval Eyeshadow brush to apply it all over my eyelid which was super easy because it is just the perfect size to do all the lid in 2 go's haha! Then to tidy it up I used the Crease Eyeshadow brush just to blend the top and sides and make it neater and wow am I impressed. These two brushes are the best eyeshadow brushes I have come across to make any eyeshadow look like it has been done professionally.

These are actually better than some leading makeup companies so I do suggest you get your hands on these or check out their other brush sets! I have my eyes set on the HD collection next! Thank you again CrownBrush!

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2 comments on "Peach Summer Look Featuring CrownBrush ♥"
  1. you look stunning, such nice pictures! :) what camera do you use?

    alex // Cats and Vodka

    1. hello lovely, i use the nikon d3200 and thank you so much! xxx


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