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Hello my beautiful readers! Let me get it out there, I am a foundation addict, I love a good ol' full coverage foundation. You might see me wearing a medium coverage but I do love a thick, full coverage finish. I have friends that actually tell me off for wearing such full, heavy makeup. I don't want to sound like I am blowing my trumpet but I have fairly good skin, not many imperfections apart from dullness so I do understand where my friends are coming from, I guess they want my skin to breathe and get away from fuller coverage products. BB creams, had a few but always gone back to foundations HOWEVER "drum roll please" .. Benefit "Big Easy" Bigger Than BB Complexion Perfecter BB Cream/Foundation has changed my mind! This product deserves a high five and a thumbs up! I do apologise for the extremely moody expression on my face in picture below, some reason pictures just weren't agreeing with me when I was taking the pictures haha!

Firstly I am so happy I can settle down with a BB cream that I love using! So if you girlies or even gents that want a lighter coverage this spring and summer then get your little fingers on this product. I have used this total of three to four times and not had one disappointment. It's the type of BB cream that as soon as you apply it makes your skin look so much better. Products like this from Benefit make me love Benefit even more, not only are their packaging the most perfect and creative BUT their products never let me down. Everything about this BB cream is very good quality, no surprise there!

So the brand new "better than BB cream" may have the answers your looking for. Better? It does claim it is better than any formula they have created before. Controls oil, but still moisturises so that means it would be suitable for all skin types, smart move Benefit! Provides a natural coverage result, comfortable to wear and has become my Benefit love.

A gorgeous rich, creamy texture with a hint of fluffiness. Quite thick considering it provides the more natural coverage but don't let that scare you. Even though it is thicker than some BB products, it beautiful when blending, really smooth when the product being applied. Like I mentioned do not let the thickness scare you because once it's blended it is very lightweight and therefore super comfortable to wear. I love the almost velvety finish it turns into when it dries. Most BB creams have the finish of dewiness but "Big Easy" dries semi-matte to full matte but with a touch of glow! I love love love the coverage it gives, it's light-medium coverage, something I would never really consider for me but it works!

I mentioned my skin is quite dull, lack of natural glowingness.. Yes, I made that word up haha sorry! It really helped with brightening my skin and even out any sort of dull imperfections I have also. Considering it's matte-ish finish it definitely gave me that healthy natural glow on my complexion. It even managed to brightened my dark circles, not much coverage on the dark circles but that's not a fault for me! It does say it's liquid to powder formula, I wouldn't say it dries on the skin relatively powdery but you wouldn't need to set this products. Best way to apply, which I use is by using a buffing brush so you can really get it in there haha and it stops you from having any brush streaks and marks. I use the brush in these pictures by CrownBrushUK, it does the job perfectly for this BB cream.

For £27.50, it is a reasonable price, you only need a little blob so I would think it would last you a good few months and also this foundation lasting power is ahh-mazing. I do not need to top up, it stays on all day from when I apply it in the morning to when I remove it at night time. These picture above, I have this BB cream on and I took them at 4pm but I never topped up and I applied this at 5:16am for work. Walking prove haha, well picture prove? Plenty of shades for you to try!

If your visiting Manchester or live here, then please visit Harvey Nichols for Benefit's Counter Event on "Saturday 28th June" for their new product launch, where there is plenty of tips and tricks, makeovers, pamper of course from the Benefit girls Hayley D and Hayley C.

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2 comments on "Natural Makeup with Benefit "Big Easy" Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfecter BB Cream|Foundation ♥"
  1. It looks lovely! Also I love your photos! :)

    1. thank you so much, it is such an amazing product. <3


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