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HELLO MAY! Can you believe we are nearly half way through this year already, it's crazy. Thought I would kick start this beautiful month with a gorgeous hair review. "Luxury For Princess" have kindly sent me a gorgeous brand spanking new "Princess Glamorous 260G Set" well thank you muchly again. I reviewed their "Princess Super Deluxe 220G Set" back in December. Make sure to check out their website here

This time I was given the Chocolate shade, it is a shame it is real chocolate because I would of gobbled it up. However the reason I changed my colour is because I recently dyed it lighter and a few highlights here and there. You lovely ladies are probably wondering what the difference is between the 220G and the Princess Glamorous 260G, well the Glamorous version is the biggest set they offer at the moment which is perfect if you love a full head. The thing I most love about this set compared to the other is how thick and lush the hair is so you are guaranteed to fulfil your volume dream that you may of always wanted. You can create bounce, volume, thickness all in one, win win right?

This set is a 7-piece set, which does cover your whole head unless your like me and you end up with spare locks. In all Luxury For Princess hair packs they are all clip ins including this set. The clips have a gentle silicone strip to ensure your hair/head is protected so you can enjoy your locks with much ease and no matter how long you wear them for they are sturdy and will not fall out. I love clips and I love how efficient, easy and quick they are to add instant length and thickness to your natural hair. You don't even need practice, just simply section your hair, clip it in and your done! The clips are small and discrete, blends perfectly in with my hair, so no need to worry about them being on show.

Luxury is a perfect fit for this brand of hair extentions, because they are exactly what they are, luxurious. The quality is perfect, it is 100% Remi hair and it is thick from top to tips. Highest quality hair out their, real hair from cuticles to strands and kept intact to remain super soft and hardly any knots to battle with. With remi hair, you can treat it just like your own hair, curl it, straighten it, style it also you can dye it too, so do look after them like it is your real hair. Keep it protected from heat and they will last longer too.

Such beautiful pack of extensions that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. If you want the perfect princess locks your guaranteed to get them with these beauties here.

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