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Today is the day where things can change and dreams can happen. It is a surprise at the moment however if it's goes to plan I will be revealing this very soon, possibly today maybe? Sharing today for you is a makeup look which is quite nudey, fresh and clean. I think it is always important to look quite natural and not wear too much makeup, because in an interview the interviewer wants to see emotion and with layers of the thickest fullest foundation won't be the best to wear at an interview in my opinion. I want to share the makeup I created with inspiration from youtube tutorials and came up with this which I want you all to try if you have an important meeting or interviews coming up.

Firstly my hair is up! I never thought I would take pictures of myself with hair up haha because I am not a big fan of my face with no hair there eek, but I needed to show you exactly what I do myself when I go to interviews|meetings. There is a reason it's out of my face, because it stays out the way, doesn't matter if it decides to rain or winds start to blow, your safe when you arrive. Also I don't want to be messing with my hair throughout the chat because it can distract the interviewer or yourself. So if it's up, it can't do no harm. I made it quite an edgy pony so it shows some personality, plus it's different haha. All I did was back comb my top bit, brush it over and then pull the pony and just pulled the back comb bit up, so it sticks up slightly haha. It looks better then it sounds!

Hair sorted, let's go on to the most important bit! Make up. I start with face first, because that is where I begin as some people start with eyes first. I really wanted to achieve a clean, fresh quite natural face. I always always use a primer, any primer product is my holy grail. "Illamasqua's Hydraveil". Very long lasting, adds that dewy effect on your skin when you apply foundation and also it hydrates your skin throughout the day - Here's the review if you would like to read about it.

Then my favourite Chanel foundation "Vitalumiere" a very light weight product, glowing and a colour that matches my neck so my skintone is the same throughout. Such a smoothe foundation, doesn't fade, the colour stays true and your guaranteed to feel lovely. I would say it is light-medium foundation because it is buildable.

Concealer is a must, let's brighten them dark circles! I have fell in love with "Maybelline's The Eraser Eye" fab to cover any imperfections, brightens around the eyes and plus it takes away any dullness. Super happy I purchased this, been using it everyday since I bought it last week. My dark circles are because they are in my genes/family but if you stay up late and you got the annoying circles you don't want to look tired or sleepy.

Let's add a little contour on the cheeks, that's where I applied but if you want to do where you feel needs contouring then do it! I used the "Illamasqua's Sculpting Powder Duo". I only used the brown shade and applied that under my cheeks just to give my round face some sort of shape ah! Didn't apply as much as I usually do and made sure to blend it evenly to keep that natural/fresh look! I also did a review for this product to, if you like!

Blush, a hint of colour for your cheeks. "MAC Warm Soul Mineralise Blush" one of my favourite blushers, I have add for such a long time and no where near to touching the pan yet. Definitely a warm angelic peachy colour, lovely all year round. I would think this is suitable for all skin tones, just to add that little bit of natural blushing colour to your cheeks.

"Estee Lauder Limited Edition - Heatwave Gelee Powder" I used to highlight the top of my cheeks, forehead and also down my nose to add that lovely light freshness.

I wanted to put a little gold/brown on my eyes just to open them up and because most my interviews are beauty-related I wanted to all elements on my face haha show that I can be creative hehe. You don't have to apply eyeshadow if you don't want to but it is a lovely touch. Scroll down if you want to miss the eyeshadow bit!

I used both "Stila Cosmetics Palettes - In The Light & In The Garden" I wanted to use the nude/browns in the, brown palette and the gold in the gorgeous green palette. It is such a simply gorgeous eyeshadow blend. I put a taupe/brown in the crease and the golden gold I applied this all over my lid. Very easy to do this look and I know all you readers will be able to achieve this look in your first go. I used the same colours under my eyes just to make it a thorougher eye creation haha.

EYELASHES! I used these red cherry ones that were £2.99 on I think. I come across it when I was searching for some new lashes. I bought a very natural pair of lashes, that are thin and not thick at all. A lovely length and they do look has if they are mine. My lashes are quite short and some days mascara just doesn't like behaving so eyelashes are a life saver. They give me confidence and also I think they add that finished touch. Of course you don't have to wear lashes if you don't want to but I did include my top two mascaras that I have been loving lately so you could try these. "Maybelline The Falsies" and also "Bourjous Paris Volume 1 Seconde" both add extremely lovely length and volume without looking clumpy or spider leggy!


Last but not least is lips! Very nude colour, I want my eyes to stand out but I didn't want to go in with a bold colour with this look. I used both from "Revlon" the lipstick "Creme Brulee - Colourburst" and applied on top, my favourite gloss "Bellini - Colourburst"

I hope you enjoyed this look, and do give me your thoughts and opinions about this look and whether you would do the exact same or just do certain bits or even change it up completely! Do let me know because I can try them too. Thank you for reading and do look out for more of these hehe.

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6 comments on "Fresh, Nude, Glowing Hair & Makeup - A Look Perfect for Interviews ♥"
  1. I love this look! It's looks so pretty and natural!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Aw thank you, and I think the natural look is better for interviews and meetings hehe xx

  2. That's so pretty, it looks so fresh and spring/summery! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Aw thank you, I appreciate it lots xx

  3. stunning make up look x


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