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Oh la la, so Harvey Nichols in Manchester have launched a new counter, you guessed it by the title EveLom, been here for about a month, very new yet beautiful! Julia a friend and a very good beauty|skincare consultant kindly told me about their beauty event, well should I say a massive launch party for their new counter and I am extremely excited to go, so got myself down on the list. However she also kindly popped me some skincare samples of their best selling products which is perfect to try before the event to get myself more familiarized with the products even though I already know how amazing this brand is from other bloggers and even friends.

In the picture below she gave me, the famous EveLom Cleanser which is their product of the brand. It smells just like herb bubblegum haha it's actually gorgeous scent when she let me have a sniff haha! Also a EveLom Rescue Mask, my skin loves to be rescued due to its dehydration, dryness and sensitivity and last but certainly not least she gave me EveLom TLC Cream! These sachets seem long lasting and enough to last me at least two-three sessions.

Firstly I used the EveLom Cleanser which is multi-purpose! Multi-purpose, I love when a product does everything in one, feels like I am saving time and products. Julia from Harvey Nichols Manchester told me this is suitable for ALL skin types, so you lucky ladies with dry or even oily skins, this may be for you. No need to worry about "ooo but my skin is this, will it do that?". I have that annoying sensitive skin, and this product, WOW did it work miracles in one go. It comes with a Muslin Cloth, the best cloth you could use on your skin, it feels almost exfoliating yet cleansing my skin.

When I applied the cleanser, it felt really moisturising and it almost feels like a oil when I massaged it into my skin! All I did was gently rub the cleanser all over my face and then prepare the Muslin Cloth under hot water and just simply wiped off the cleanser followed by my makeup I wore that day! It literally just melted and lifted the makeup off my skin instantly! After it was all squeaky clean, I then rinsed everything off with cold water to seal my pores back up and hold in the moisture the cleanser gave me. Apparently using this regularly can improve your skin after every use so I may invest in the big tub! Whilst talking about this product Julia mentioned that each four aromatics ingredients were perfect for different things, such has: softens and smoothes the skin, help keep skin radiant, encourages clear skin, nourishes and hydrates!It left my skin super clean and soft, just like a babies bum! I noticed a better texture and seen a bit more of a glow than I normally do after a skincare product, so big fat thumbs up!

Next, I was advised to use the EveLom Rescue Mask! Has soon has I opened this beautiful package and applied it to my face I could instantly smell the natural aromatic scents. I felt like I was back in college having a aroma back massage haha! I could smell honey and another plant. There is actually Kaolin, Camphor and Honey in this product which are the key ingredients, so nearly guessed it right haha.

I literally smoothered it all around my face, avoiding the eye areas of course and it was quite cold sensation, which did feel quite nice because I am boiling today due to the gorgeous sunshine we have been having lately. It started drying pretty much has stopped massaging it on. It felt tight when it was drying however I felt although my skin was having a good session of deep cleasning haha! This mask was made for me, it gave me that little push that my skin needed and put it back in its place where it belonged. Due to my sensitive skin, I can sometimes suffer from little red blotchy areas, puffiness, and also dullness and when I washed this off with the Muslin Cloth all of that disappeared, no kidding. Very versatile, so I think if you suffer from any type of skin condition this Rescue mask will sort you out and get you back on track.

Kept it on for about 10-15 minutes until the product dried and when it finally come to washing it off, it was very easy, quite easy in fact I was amazed. Even though I said before with the cleanser that my skin felt like a babies bum, well triple that feeling. EveLom you have done me proud and thank you Julia Harvey Nichols Manchester for letting me try such a gorgeous mask!

The last bit of the skincare regime is the EveLom TLC Cream. That is right, all types of skins need Tender loving care, it's true. We need to look after our skin has if it was a child haha. After all the cleansing and the rescue mask, it is time for my favourite bit! Moisturise. Before Julia gave me a sample moisturiser, she knew my skin was dry and sensitive and straight away she knew exactly what moisturiser my skin needed! Yay for Julia haha!

Ah this is heaven moisturiser sent to my skin aha. It was thick but delicious, and I massaged also tapped into my skin to make sure my skin receives all goodness from the plant extract ingredients in this product, such has Rose, Calendula and more. This cream definitely gave me some TLC! Such a soft soothing feeling after it was applied. My skin felt it had hydration pumped into it and instantly my skin looked naturally glowing and healthy. I think I may need to invest in a tub of this goodness.

Thank you so much Evelom and Harvey Nichols Manchester for this little treat! This has made me super excited for your Launch event Tuesday 27th May! Get down girls to Manchester and there will be goodies, plenty of advice and information from the professionals. It will be so much fun.

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