Evelom Launch Event at Harvey Nichols Manchester ♥

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Tuesday 27th May has arrived, that means the Evelom Launch Event at Harvey Nichols Manchester is here! If you read my last Evelom Post then you may of waited for this post about the event to pop up. Well it's here! I arrived early so I could get some pre-pictures of the counter. It was immaculate, clean, bright and of course golden haha. Evelom is beautiful. The counter is delicious, the gold embossed lettering around the counter adds that extra touch.

Of course there is champagne involved with any beauty event, a feel of exclusiveness and welcoming. My friend Julia greeted me along with the beautiful manager Jessica, then they introduced me to their amazing National Makeup Artist Pam! I'll tell you why she is amazing in a moment haha! I was offered a lovely glass of bubbly with a raspberry floating because their key ingredients in most products is raspberry. Smart how they did that hehe. Well Pam the makeup artist welcomed me and sat me down to have a lovely cleanse and a try of their makeup products. She was super gentle and asked me why I wore a fuller coverage foundation and what my reasons behind it. Has she went through the products step by step, starting with the cleanser then primer and finishing off the foundation, powder and bronzer. She detailed everything before and during the steps, she made sure I knew everything about the product and why it is suitable for my skin, what my skin would benefit from it and of course how to apply. She told me that my skin only needs a tinted moisturiser and has she was applying this, she made me feel super confident and she was right! I was super happy with the outcome and how polite and knowledgeable she was about the Evelom products. Thank you Pam for such an amazing professional experience and every product she applied I loved!!

After my little pamper was done I then wanted to take some pictures of me and the lovely ladies, Jessican & Julia the Evelom girls! Just because, not only are they friends but they make sure they pull together an amazing event, which it was! Took a couple of snaps before Pam (Makeup Artist) was doing a little tips and tricks show for the customers that were arriving later on in the evening.

The customers then arrived has soon has we stopped posing haha and the demonstration by Pam started! Such a lovely informative and a natural flow throughout the demonstration and she made sure everyone understood what each products does, why it's good and why it would be suitable for them. She had a guinea pig has I call them that she demonstrated on so everyone could see how she did it! Again it was informative, professional and thorougher. It was detailed but simple, so it didn't confuse anyone. Easy steps that everyone could understand and repeat at home if need be.

Everyone made sure that each customer was happy whether they purchased or not! A really fun and lively event and everyone was smiling and I am pretty sure everyone left with luxury pamper day! Thank You so much girls for inviting me but most of all Harvey Nichols for having such a beautiful counter with exceptional beauty therapists on board!

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  1. This looks amazing they did used to have a small counter but they got rid of it ages ago. I love eve lom it's so luxurious. I might just pop in to see Julia!!! Huge congratulations if you speak to her x


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