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Afternoon beauties, or Morning to you wherever you may be in the world. If you read my beauty blog quite regular then you will probably know me and my fussy dehydrated and sensitive skin. I love to cleanse my skin until it is pretty much squeaky clean. Cleansing my skin is something I do religiously day and night . Everyone including my friends have told me to purchase "Bioderma" and I have also looked into it myself but never got the chance to purchase it, because it isn't sold in stores in the UK (I think) but you can purchase it online.

I was super excited when I went to visit Nice, in France because it was the time I could purchase the famous Bioderma skincare. Before I went I made sure to look up which range would suit my skin. Of course Hydrabio H20 most definitely ticked all the boxes. I hunted this skincare range on the very first day I arrived because that's how excited I was to finally grab this stuff.

I purchased three products, thought it would be better to get most of the range I could so I could get the full Hydrabio effect! Firstly the popular "Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution", "Hydrabio Rich Cream" and "Hydrabio Soothing Refreshing Water" Hydrabio range, is made for ladies and gents with sensitive and dehydrated skin, due to pollution, stress and even climate conditions which changes the skin to become less productive. Making it lose water and moisture it needs for that natural balance. This can cause the skin to become dehydrated, sensitive and most definitely irritable along with a dull appearance.

Let's start off with "Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution". A product every lazy girl loves, not only does it cleanse but its the first product to cleansem soothe AND moisturise. Doesn't it sound beautiful already! I have never come across such an gorgeous product that stands by its words. I have to be very careful due to my sensitive skin but this solution is ultra-mild water cleanser and makeup remover in one. It has an essential ingredient "Aquagenium®" which helps lock essential moisture in/on the surface of the skin and stimulate the skin's ability to retain moisture. Oh yeah let me not forget to mention it is "ALCOHOL FREE", bonus.

I have been testing this out for over a week now and I had to tell you all as soon as possible. I use this is remove all my makeup, even the toughest of them all too. I use this product twice, has a makeup remover and then again to give it a deep cleanse. A happy bunny, this product is effective, gentle, removes every single bit of makeup even waterproof (as long has it has a good soak on the eye before wiping). After each cleanse my skin does feel more hydrated than I have ever felt before and I have noticed less dry areas too, amazing! Using this is refreshing and a good wake me up in the mornings too. Never really used cleansing waters before but now I shall be sticking to this beauty everyday.

After cleansing, "Hydrabio Rich Cream" another favourite to my list, to be fair this whole range has impressed me. The rich one was definitely needed for me, my skin screams for rich moisturises haha. I have been told this is the thicker, richer version of "Bioderma's Hydrabio Light Cream". I have used this for the same time and I feel although my skin is being restored with moisture and hydration! YES, it is a miracle. This rich cream is made for ladies and gents with dry to very dry skin. I apply this morning and evening all over even my neck too. The texture is beautiful and it instantly relieves any tightness, roughness, flakiness you may have without your skin feeling greasy or tacky. Also I have found this cream to be an excellent makeup base. After a week I have noticed I don't have to rush out of the shower and slap the moisturiser on because how dry and uncomfortable my skin feels. It almost feels it's regaining the natural moisture back into my skin YAY!

"Hydrabio Soothing & Refreshing Water" it's a goddess water in a spray ahah. I bought this because it would be ideally during them hot summer days and when my skin decides to feel slightly dry during the day, something easy to carry around that you can spray over makeup. I use this after I have applied the "Hydrabio Rich Cream" just add a bit more hydration. Very soothing and refreshing, a good pick me up if your feel tired throughout the day too. I have noticed if my skin feels a little irritated during work because of the air-conditioning the "Hydrabio Water" gives it a good quick fix and helps calm my skin down within seconds-minutes of spraying it on. I close my eyes and spritz on for about approx three seconds to cover all over. This has definitely a part of my daily beauty skincare regime.

I am super happy with Bioderma, and I have now recommended this to friend and my family too! I will never change to any other skincare range again, I know I have found the skincare that fits me perfectly. Thank you Bioderma, and I will be purchasing more of your gorgeous Hydrabio range. Just to let you know they do, do other skin types so if your from the UK click here!

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  1. I need to try Bioderma, it had so much hype throughout 2012 and 2013! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog


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