Sleek Makeup Pout Polish Lip Tint Conditioners with Swatches ♥

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Ah the title is a bit of a mouthful haha! So I come across Boots and their amazing 3 for 2, I think every girl knows that when that offer is on, you can't just walk past it and miss it haha! I purchased these gorgeous goodies, I have always wanted to try Sleek Makeup Pout Polish has I have seen them all over the blogging universe! I think my lips need a good lip balm with a bit of tint. Since trying these, they are absolutely amazing never found anything like these! They are quite indulgent haha.

These are very emollient and a lovely pigment! Super soft and moisturising. Texture is thick and to get more pigment you can continuously build it up and it doesn't seem to get any thicker on the lips, it is amazing. The product formula is very emollient however it is not sticky or tacky and not to creamy but not crazy glossy or shiny! Very bizarre but very good combination. I would say it is between a lipgloss and a lip balm which is quite unusual.

The application is so easy, simply use your fingers or you can use a lip brush if you prefer! After application it does last a good few hours and when I washed my face, my lips weren't stained at all! I do like the fact you can actually wipe off a lip colour and not worry about having stained lips. I loved the result that it doesn't leave my lips dry or flaky after I wiped it off.

Electric Peach
Bare Minimum
Peach Perfection

I think you would love this if you love that hint of colour that hydrates, moisturises, lasts a good two hours and doesn't stain your lips. Also you may love this if you like the natural look, which I have been loving recently! Very impressed with these Sleek Pout Polishes and definitely going to buy the rest of the colours because they are so wearable and comfortable.

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2 comments on "Sleek Makeup Pout Polish Lip Tint Conditioners with Swatches ♥"
  1. great review, i definitely need to get my hands on them now, they are so pretty and simple, lovely colours too :) x

  2. They look so glossy and lovey, at such a fab price! Xx

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