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Revlon, you have definitely done it beautifully this time. If your wondering what I mean, well Revlon launched new lip crayons in lacquer balms and matte balms. I do love my sheer, soft lip products but matte lip products always overrule most lip products. They have been out quite a while so I am quite late posting this but ay every review counts right? It is quite hard finding a matte formula lipstick that doesn't dry out the lips or make them flaky, some of you might agree that it is a mission!

So why I say Revlon have definitely done it beautifully this time is because their new matte products are beyond amazing, totally in love with these playful pigmented crayons. Crayons lip products are probably a product every brand now has in their makeup range, who blames them. They are brilliant. This review is a full on positive happy happy happy review which some one you may be pleased about.

These new lip balms, are definitely different to the other brands. The product gives you a very velvet yet matte look whilst still hydrating and moisturising the lips. Considering it is a matte formula, I am suprised to say it's almost creamy when applied and throughout the day of wearing it, makes my lips feel quite soft and silky actually. I have wore these colours a few times so I have had a good amount of time to write a full review about it. They lasted super long, a good 3-5 hours without that fading feeling or the need to apply anymore on. There is none of that drying and peeling of the product once on the lips and the scent isn't over powering either.

They don't massively stain on my lips, however for some reason when I did the swatches on my arms in the picture below, it stained my arms and took my ages to take it off but on my lips it is totally different and is easy peasy to wash off! Overall they have definitely impressed me, comfortable to wear, nicely pigmented and will be purchasing the other colours.

In order of colour starting with the reddish shade Standout. It is a very deep red and would be perfect for autumn and winter, however we are no longer in them seasons but I think you could get away with this shade of red during summer. This colour definitely has a hint of that berry touch to it and looks very sophisticated.

Next is the Audacious which is your brightest of the two. Very coral-ly and this was why this shade was picked in my summer favourites, one of the blog posts below. Very bright yet slightly creamy coral shade. I love this one, I think it is very summery and would look perfect on anyone. One of my favourites out of the two.

Last but not least is the lightest shade of the two, quite natural is Mischievous is bright also but not has much umph orange! I would say it's between an orange and a peachy, lovely colour for spring and summer has it is quite neon.

There are enough shades to impress everyone, and I would say there is a shade out there made just for you from this range so get round to your nearest Revlon counter and get swatching and purchasing. Everything about this lip balm is excellent and never been so happy about a moisuturising matte lip balm before. Would you like this, if so which shade?

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3 comments on "Revlon ColourBURST Matte Lip Balms ♥"
  1. They are super pretty colours :)

  2. These colours are gorgeous!
    P.S I'm running a giveaway at the moment if you want to enter:) x
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  3. Man Revlon really has done it again! Those colors are really pretty especially the light coral/ orange color! <3
    ~Makaela at


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